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Payments for 2 children in 2021 to working and non-working mothers
Payments for 2 children in 2021 to working and non-working mothers

Video: Payments for 2 children in 2021 to working and non-working mothers

Video: Payments for 2 children in 2021 to working and non-working mothers
Video: Jordan Peterson: Career vs. motherhood: Are women being lied to? | Big Think 2023, May

Families with children belong to the unprotected segments of the population, therefore, payments for the 2nd child in 2021 to working and non-working mothers increase annually in size.

General overview of the situation

In the coming year, a new procedure for receiving benefits was launched - now the employer does not deal with them, they are paid through the Social Insurance Fund. BiR's assistance and care benefits until the child reaches one and a half years of age throughout the country will be paid without delays and delays from the employer and premature interruption of the flow of funds, which have been repeatedly complained about.


The payments made by the FSS for the 2nd child in 2021 to working and non-working mothers have already increased in size. For those who worked before leaving on maternity leave, payments are due from the first day of the new year, for unemployed women - by indexing from the first day of the last winter month. The percentage of indexation of the amounts was 4, 9 - this is exactly the increase in inflation determined by Rosstat for the last year in the country as a whole.

Payments for the 2nd child in 2021 are lump-sum and monthly. There are different categories of benefits:

  • For some you need to apply for an application, and there are those that are provided automatically.
  • Some of them are indexed by a different percentage, they are appointed not on a federal scale, but on the initiative of regional authorities.
  • Benefits due to each family, or those for which you must meet certain criteria.
  • In determining the size, different criteria can be taken into account: the regional coefficient, the subsistence minimum for the II quarter of the previous year, the salary of the mother who worked before the decree, the established minimum or maximum values.

Amount of payments

The birth of a child automatically means that the parents are eligible for a lump sum. Its value is influenced only by a legislative decree. Each parent can apply for it.

Since February of this year, the federal level of the benefit is 18 thousand rubles, but it may be higher in regions where there are regional coefficients. Then the lump sum payment for the 2nd child in 2021 is multiplied by the RK, and the amount comes out more. This is a payment upon birth. It does not depend on the status of the mother, the presence of work experience and the payment of insurance premiums, and even on what account the baby was born in.


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For benefits, you can contact the employer (he himself will send the documents to the FSS) or to social protection. In the first case, it is an option for women who left work for the sake of childbirth, in the second - for those who did not work before the baby was born.

A weighty list of other one-time benefits is as follows:

  • for registration in a antenatal clinic at an early stage of pregnancy - 708 rubles. (after the indexation carried out in February);
  • the wife of a conscript will receive 29, 9 thousand rubles this year. - 1, 4 thousand more than in the past;
  • maternity capital in the amount of 639 or 483 thousand rubles;
  • for pregnancy and childbirth (working at full average daily earnings, non-working mothers - the minimum calculated from the minimum wage).

There are other lump sum payments for the 2nd child in 2021. Their size is determined by the social status of the mother. For example, female military personnel are paid the full amount of monetary allowances, female students - a scholarship, the unemployed are already entitled to 708 rubles, but only on the condition that the liquidation of the organization became the reason for the dismissal.

Maternity payments in the current year have increased in the legally fixed minimum border. This was due to the increase in the minimum wage. The limit value of the benefit also increased, since the data were used already for the last two years, in which there was an increase in the limit values in the base of the Social Insurance Fund.

Regular payments by age category

The amount of benefits paid per child from the onset of a certain age has also changed for variable reasons. It all depends on legislative acts and decrees of the President, as well as indexation or establishment of a new living wage in the place of residence.


For the second baby, you can get:

  • The so-called "Putin's" payments are laid on the first and second baby born or adopted no later than 2018. There are restrictions for the appointment - for each family member there should be no more than 2 regional PMs.
  • Until reaching 3 years of age, but provided that this is a child of a conscript soldier - 12, 8 thousand rubles.
  • The child of a serviceman will receive 2,578 rubles. with the loss of a breadwinner.
  • Working mothers to care for a baby up to 18 months. They can assign a minimum, a maximum, or 40% of the average monthly earnings until they go on maternity leave.
  • The unemployed - up to one and a half years are now paid 7 thousand rubles a month. The payment increased by almost 400 rubles. compared to last year's size.

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Payments for the 2nd child in 2021, like for any other, can continue from 3 to 7 years old, but on condition that each family member has a monthly income of no more than one PM in the region. You can apply for it within six months from the moment the child turns 3 years old.

After this period, you should not count on receiving benefits for the missed months. It will be charged from the moment of contact. So far, it is paid in the amount of ½ of the regional subsistence allowance, but this year it is expected to gradually increase.



Supporting families with children is a priority of the state's internal policy, a way to optimize the demographic situation:

  1. There are one-time and monthly benefits in Russia.
  2. Their purpose depends not only on the age of the child, but also on the social status of the mother.
  3. Different payments depend on the family's property status.
  4. Various government agencies may be responsible for the payment of benefits, so you should find out in advance where to go.

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