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How to find out if the payment was approved from 3 to 7 years old or not
How to find out if the payment was approved from 3 to 7 years old or not

Video: How to find out if the payment was approved from 3 to 7 years old or not

Video: How to find out if the payment was approved from 3 to 7 years old or not

There are several ways to apply for a monthly cash payment for a child. You can also find out whether the payment from 3 to 7 years has been approved or not: through the State Services portal, the social security department, the MFC.

How long is the application considered

Consideration of the application deadline is clearly regulated by federal rules. Specialists of departments are given 10 working days to process documents and make a decision. Ten business days are two calendar weeks. But if there are holidays in this period, the terms are lengthened.

In case of delay in the receipt of information about the applicant for some reason, the period is officially increased to 20 working days. This means it may take a month before the family receives an answer. Due to the influx of applications in some regions, specialists do not have time to consider applications in due time.


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For families, the application procedure has been simplified, but the workload on employees of organizations remains the same. Therefore, in some regions, the terms of consideration have been increased. So, in St. Petersburg, the decision is made within 33 working days from the date of the application. The officially stated deadline is the same for any method of contact, whether online or in person.

The time for making a decision is spent on checking documents, collecting information and its accumulation, analysis. It is important to eliminate errors when checking information from government agencies.

How to find out if the payment was approved from 3 to 7 years old or not

There are several ways to find out at what stage the solution is. The answer can be received in person or online.


In social protection

The Social Security Fund communicates with the public in person and online. You need to make an appointment for a personal appointment in advance, and via the Internet you will receive the necessary data at any time. The "Personal Account" service on the FSS website helps citizens keep track of all the information they need.

The site allows you to independently and remotely study all the information. Service employees will send an opinion within 1 day after the decision is made. In his personal account of the portal, the applicant will get acquainted with the response or the status of the application.

If it is not possible to obtain information online, an FSS hotline operates in each region. You can also find out everything on the phone.

Check the status of the application in the MFC

On the website of the MFC organization of each region, you need to enter the registration number of the application. Based on the results of the check, the service will inform you about the status:

  • “Closed with refusal” - the payment was denied;
  • "Executed" - the payment has been assigned;
  • "On execution" - the result must be expected.

The MFC website will indicate the coordinates of the organizations where you need to contact for clarifications.


On the portal of State Services

In order for the family to understand how to find out whether the payment was approved from 3 to 7 years old or not, you need to enter your personal account and look at the "Notifications" and "My Applications" sections. A page with information will open, where you can find the status of the application:

  • "Registered" - the application has been accepted;
  • “Received” - the documents were sent for consideration;
  • "Service provided" - the allowance has been accrued.

If the checkbox for sending by e-mail is checked in the notification settings, you need to wait for a letter with a response.

The reason for refusal to accrue benefits will be written below the status.


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How regions work

In the Irkutsk region there is an official website of the Ministry of Social Development, Guardianship and Guardianship. The administration publishes news, information for the population, social programs on its portal.

To find out the status of the application for the appointment of a monthly allowance for children from 3 to 7 years old, you need to go to the site and write the SNILS number. The answer is given within 5 seconds.

In the Lipetsk region, the Department of Social Protection of the Population operates a single dispatching service. By phone number 8 (800) 450-48-48, ext. 2, hotline specialists answer all questions.



The decision to grant child support from 3 to 7 years old can be obtained in person or online. For an answer, you need to contact the same organization to which you submitted the application.

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