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I am what you need! How to convince potential employers of this
I am what you need! How to convince potential employers of this

Video: I am what you need! How to convince potential employers of this

Video: I am what you need! How to convince potential employers of this
Video: The Psychology of Career Decisions | Sharon Belden Castonguay | TEDxWesleyanU 2023, May
I am what you need! How to convince potential employers of this
I am what you need! How to convince potential employers of this

Sometimes it happens that our experience and education is not enough to win a worthy place under the sun. And then it’s worth remembering that career success only 15 percent depends on our professional skills. The decisive 85 is the ability to communicate with people. This is the main exam for" приятность="" во="" всех="" отношениях"="" мы="" и="" сдаем="" на="" собеседовании="" при="" приеме="" на=" />

And if you have already visited more than a dozen establishments, and the result is deplorable, you should think about whether you are building a conversation correctly and communicating with a possible boss.

From the forum:

“I've been looking for a job, going to interviews for a month now. I have a higher education, have experience, I speak several languages. They seem to treat me well, but in the end, they refuse for reasons I don't understand. After each refusal, I feel disgusting. more often I come to the conclusion that I am a real loser."

Restless psychologists have calculated that the basis of a person's attitude towards us is laid in the first 15 seconds of communication. This is the very first impression that everyone is warned about. Only for some reason everyone thinks that the first impression is beige lipstick, a neat bun and a skirt to the knee. All this is, of course, important. But it will take an experienced employer three seconds to look at you from knees to hair roots. There are 12 important moments that you need to use as efficiently as possible.

7 steps to success

1. Smile! Start your communication with your employer with a smile. If he has already looked at a dozen gloomy faces, your smile will be especially pleasant to him. Indeed, very often they choose not only a specialist in economic sciences, but also a colleague who is pleasant in all respects. So show him yourself in all its glory. As the winner Tamerlane said, "cities must be taken with charm"!

2. Call him by name. The name of the interlocutor is the second secret that will help win the person's favor. It has a great influence on a person, relieves the awkwardness of the first minutes, establishes contact. By addressing by name, you create the illusion that you are already in the team. The case is small - just take you to the state. Just remember the name correctly, otherwise this secret will come out sideways to you. Do you remember the old woman Evdoksiya Ardaleonovna from "Carnival"? Here is a classic example of how important a person's own name is to a person and how painful he is to any inaccuracies in addressing. God forbid you to call Anna Semyonovna Anna Sergeevna! Of course, you won't be kicked out of the office right there, but the attitude towards you will definitely deteriorate.

3. Give me a compliment. Any employee, be it a manager or a HR manager, will be pleased to be praised for his company or office. Recognize the success of the organization on the international market, or just tell me how the furnishings were chosen in the office, how comfortable you feel in it. A friendly disposition to you is already guaranteed. After all, you are attentive, you know how to appreciate others and do not skimp on words to tell about it.

4. Be in the know. Before the conversation, do not be lazy to pick up information about the organization in which you are applying. Especially note her successes, diplomas, victories in competitions, place in the ratings, recent successful deals. By mentioning this in a conversation, you will not only please the interlocutor, but also show yourself to be a person interested in the affairs of the company, and not coming for an interview from the street.

5. Be confident. Answer questions confidently and to the point. Do not go into details that you are not asked about. Be able to appreciate the interlocutor's time.

6. Advertise yourself! An interview is a kind of presentation of oneself, with all the attributes relying on (acquaintance, advertising, showing in action). And this is your only chance to convince the employer that you are what you need! As a lady, pleasant in all respects, you have already shown yourself. The matter remained with the main thing. Yes Yes! All the previous tricks will only create a favorable environment, but without brilliant argumentation with smiles and cacti alone, success cannot be achieved. It is better to think about this moment at home in advance and remember the main arguments that will convince the interlocutor that you are a godsend for the organization. Do not describe your merits (they are already briefly spelled out in your resume). Stop at what benefit you can bring to the company, what it will gain if you get the vacancy. It will not be superfluous to remember your achievements at the previous place of work, in order to confirm your professionalism and the success of the affairs for which you undertake with facts. Talking about your success, you indirectly say: I can do the same for you. Take an interest in what tasks the new employee faces, and surprise with your creativity, come up with some extraordinary solution on the fly. This will make you look at you as a person, and not as one of the ranks of applicants.

7. Don't miss the details. It is very important to end the conversation competently. For what it is not out of place to once again make a pleasant interlocutor. Pay attention to the interior during the conversation. A cactus on a window or a framed certificate on the wall can be very expensive things for your interlocutor. After talking about the case and about to say goodbye, show curiosity and ask about these intriguing details that caught your attention. The interlocutor will be pleasantly surprised by your interest. And the last impression of your visit will be no less pleasant than the first. After all, that's all you need, right?

Of course, in order to follow these tips, you need to radiate confidence and release your anxiety. What kind of cacti are there when you have been tormenting a pen for 5 minutes and do not know how best to sit on a chair. Stop worrying. You are not asking for a favor, you are offering your services to a qualified specialist. And if they refuse you, it remains to be seen which of you is unlucky.

Get ready to win! If the excitement persists, imagine that you have already been hired, this will set you up for a positive result and help get rid of stomach cramps.

Relax. Why not chat with nice people who are passionate about hiring you? In fact, you are not going to communicate with monsters. And to the monsters, you yourself do not want to surrender to voluntary slavery for several years, right? You evaluate them, they evaluate you. Continuous equality.

Now you are armed and very desirable for any organization that respects itself and its employees. Enjoy your interview … and a new place of work!

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