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When is the Day of the Prosecutor's Office in 2022
When is the Day of the Prosecutor's Office in 2022

Video: When is the Day of the Prosecutor's Office in 2022

Video: When is the Day of the Prosecutor's Office in 2022
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Prosecutors have a wide range of fairly serious responsibilities. They must not only investigate various illegal acts and initiate the initiation of a trial, but also be present at the trial as a prosecutor. Workers in this field have a professional holiday. When the Day of the Prosecutor's Office is in 2022, not only the employees of this organization are interested, but also those who only dream of devoting their lives to such activities.

A bit of history

The first prosecutors in Russia appeared quite a long time ago, during the reign of Peter I. It was he who signed in 1722 a decree that the Chief Prosecutor and the Prosecutor General must serve in a special institution.

At that time, the main task of the prosecutor's office was to monitor compliance with the rules in the courtroom. The prosecutor had to prevent any injustice towards the parties and attempts to bribery.


Elizabeth II added some powers to prosecutors. According to her decree, they were supposed to control government spending. A little later, their powers included control over the observance of laws and all state finances. This should have been done by the same person.

It was only in 1864 that the prosecutor's office expanded significantly, and workers responsible for certain industries appeared in the department.

After the October Revolution, the prosecutor's offices, created under the tsarist regime, were disbanded and filled with new employees.

In 1922, each Soviet republic had its own prosecutor's offices, subordinate to the people's commissariat. This form of work has survived to this day. Since the Soviet era, the prosecutor's office has been a state institution.


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Who belongs to the employees of the prosecutor's office

To find out who has the right to celebrate the Day of the Prosecutor's Office in Russia, you need to find out what professions representatives work in this institution.

The employees of this state organization include:

  • prosecutors;
  • specialists with a class rank (corresponds to a military rank);
  • employees of educational or research institutions related to the prosecutor's office;
  • investigators.

Also, employees of the prosecutor's office include employees who do not have the profession of a prosecutor or a lawyer. These are secretaries, drivers and many others.


What date is the Day of the Prosecutor in Russia

In our country, this holiday is celebrated January 12, exactly on the day when the first prosecutor's office in Russia was established at the state level several centuries ago. It was installed only in 1995.

What anniversary will be in 2022

Many current and future lawyers related to prosecutorial activities are interested in how many years this organization has existed. In 2022, it will be exactly 300 years since the foundation of the prosecutor's office in Russia. In March 2021, President V. V. Putin instructed the country's government to develop a plan of celebrations dedicated to this date.


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Despite the fact that this day is not an official holiday in our country, it is celebrated on a grand scale. A number of different celebrations are held annually:

  • Informal events - corporate parties, banquets, etc., at which the direct management of the institutions rewards distinguished employees, everyone is given symbolic gifts.
  • At the official level, they express gratitude, reward the veterans of this departmental service.
  • The media broadcast programs and publications dedicated to the profession of the prosecutor.

On the Day of the Prosecutor's Office, the best employees are traditionally celebrated according to the result of the past year:

  • badge "For impeccable service";
  • badge "Honorary Worker of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation";
  • valuable presents;
  • certificates of honor;
  • awards from the government.

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According to statistics, all people with a legal education have a vocabulary, including a professional one, about 15 thousand words, while representatives of blue-collar professions - no more than 6 thousand.


Day of the Prosecutor's Office is celebrated annually on January 12. It is not yet included in the list of official holidays in our country, but it may soon become such. This profession, despite all its complexity and great responsibility, is one of the most demanded in Russia.

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