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Schedule of matches in St. Petersburg World Cup 2018
Schedule of matches in St. Petersburg World Cup 2018

Video: Schedule of matches in St. Petersburg World Cup 2018

Video: Schedule of matches in St. Petersburg World Cup 2018
Video: Russia 2018 World Cup schedule: Dates, start times/ matches/ Stadiums overview 2023, May

St. Petersburg, the unofficial capital of Russia, is one of the main cities where important and decisive football matches are held. The schedule of all matches that will take place in St. Petersburg at the 2018 World Cup allows you to understand how well the city is prepared for an important sporting event.


What matches have already taken place in St. Petersburg

Many matches have already taken place in St. Petersburg, and the result of some was unexpected.

  1. The first match took place on June 15th. The rivals were Morocco - Iran. The result was unexpected, as Iran won its first victory in 20 years. The Moroccans could take the gate several times, but they did not cope with the task and even conceded a goal at the very end of the match. It is interesting to note that Iran's only victory was won on June 21, 1998, when the Iranians fought a team from the United States. From the very beginning, it became clear that the schedule of all matches for the 2018 World Cup, which will take place in St. Petersburg, may differ with unexpected results.
  2. The second match was played on June 19 between Russia and Egypt … In this match, the Russian team won one of the most significant victories for further progress to the playoffs, because it won 3 goals. Interestingly, the score was not opened in the first half, but after the break, the Egyptians made a goal on their own. After receiving the second victory of Russia, because on the opening day of the championship, the team had already become the winner, they managed to get good chances of reaching the playoffs and, as a result, achieve their goal. It can be assumed that the support of the St. Petersburg fans helped Russia.
  3. The third match took place on June 22. The rivals were Brazil - Costa Rica. The match was won by the Brazilians, who managed to score 2 goals in stoppage time. As you might have guessed, two talented athletes, Neymar and Coutinho, helped to win. However, many fans were confident that the Brazilians will perform better and will be able to provide a big difference with the opponent, Costa Rica.
  4. The fourth group stage match was played on June 26 between Nigeria and Argentina … This match turned out to be one of the most important. The Argentine national team, thanks to the Messiah, guaranteed their own passage to the playoffs. Many St. Petersburg fans were pleased with the match, although the matches of the 3rd round of the group tournaments began at the same time, which corresponded to the rules of the world championship. On June 26, at the same time, a match took place between Croatia and Iceland, but only the rivalry between the Nigerian and Argentine teams turned out to be exciting.

It was on this schedule that all the matches in St. Petersburg at the 2018 World Cup took place. In addition, each match confirmed that Peter had successfully prepared for participation in an important sporting event of international level. The matches were attended by 256,000 fans and about 15,000 fans watched the matches in a specially organized fan zone.


What other matches will take place in St. Petersburg

Playoffs are also scheduled in St. Petersburg. At the same time, St. Petersburg will become one of the most significant cities for further matches.

Since it has a very convenient infrastructure, a modern stadium and provides ideal conditions for fans, athletes, championship organizers.

The participants of the upcoming matches are still unknown, but have already been determined when the games will take place:

  • July 3 at 5 pm - the winner of group F will fight with the second team from group E (Sweden will play with Switzerland), as a result of which the game will be one of the most interesting for the indigenous people of St. Petersburg;
  • no quarterfinals will be held in St. Petersburg;
  • there will be one game in the semifinals, July 10 at 21 pm;
  • the match for 3rd place will also take place in St. Petersburg, on July 14 at 5 pm.

As you can imagine, important sporting events with unpredictable outcomes will still be held in St. Petersburg.


Prediction for the game Sweden - Switzerland

Considering that according to the schedule of the 2018 World Cup matches in St. Petersburg, the game will be played between Sweden and Switzerland, many fans are already worried about who will be the winner and will make it to the quarterfinals. Bookmakers find it difficult to predict the winner as both teams are strong.

Why a team from Switzerland can win:

  • recently, the performance of the Swiss team has improved in different matches;
  • coach Vladimir Petkovich successfully conducts training for his charges and helps to develop effective strategies;
  • the Swiss can assess the situation on the football field correctly and skillfully cope with goals.

Despite the fact that Switzerland initially got into a strong group, it still managed to get through to the playoffs and can continue to perform successfully.

Reasons for winning the team from Sweden:

  • the team is considered very tenacious and can win even in serious matches, although initially it sometimes seems weaker;
  • the Swedes show an unyielding character and are always ready to involve their rivals in serious fights for victory;
  • the Swedes are ready to recoup even if they initially lose;
  • one of the strongest players is goalkeeper Robin Olsen, who reliably protects his team's goal.

The match between Sweden and Switzerland promises to be one of the most intense.


Who can qualify for the semi-finals

The game in the semifinals, which will take place in St. Petersburg, will be grandiose. At the present time, it is possible to guess who will go on.

Some of the participants in the playoffs are already known:

  • Uruguay;
  • Spain;
  • Portugal;
  • France;
  • Denmark;
  • Argentina;
  • Russia;
  • Croatia;
  • Brazil;
  • Mexico;
  • Sweden;
  • Switzerland.

The rest of the participants in the playoffs should be determined after the next few matches.


In any case, we can assume that further rivals will be very strong and will not want to just give the victory to the opposite side.

It is for this reason that the full schedule of matches in St. Petersburg for the 2018 World Cup will become known only after the decisive games.

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