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Fashionable coats fall-winter 2018-2019: new season
Fashionable coats fall-winter 2018-2019: new season
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At the show in Milan, leading fashion houses showed what the images of stylish women and girls will look like in the winter season. Accents were placed on natural, austere and restrained color schemes in the collections of autumn-winter coats of 2018. Fashion trends emphasize natural beauty and aristocratic grace.

Findi's laconic style in unexpected combinations

A strict and restrained style is clearly visible in the fashionable coats of the fall-winter 2018 season. Fendi was inspired by Italian traditions, presenting in this style a new collection of outerwear. New unusual solutions were manifested in the following:

  1. The color scheme for the coat of 2018 in warm shades of sealing wax returned to fashion trends. Thus, the designers put a kind of stamp in the trends of the season, putting in the first place the aristocratic and restrained red-burgundy, which looks spectacular in the photo and looks no less attractive.
  2. Warm gray combined with light and dark brown fur looks unusual, but stylish in the fall-winter 2018 coat collection.
  3. Milky white, cold shade, as well as black and red, embodied in leather products, below the knee or ankle length, depending on the preferences of fashionistas. Moreover, such outerwear is complemented by a comfortable belt.

The amazing 2018 coat collection showed the fashion trends of the aristocracy, which favors chic and elegant outfits. In catalog photos, this clothing line looks amazing.

The versatility of black and gray from Chanel

This famous brand never ceases to amaze with unexpected solutions and the 2018 coat line is a confirmation of this. Fashion trends presented at fashion shows cause awe of many girls. In the upcoming season, you should pay attention to the following design solutions:

  1. Black color became the basis of the style for creating fashionable coats of the cold season. Warm outerwear looks very elegant and festive thanks to the decor in the form of rhinestones and materials with silver thread. Fitted outfits are decorated with feathers on the shoulders and sleeve of the lantern, as well as chains on the collar and at the bottom of the product. At the same time, all coats for the fall-winter 2018 season have a double row of buttons on the front and on the cuffs.
  2. Gray, beige, brown, red and blue shades in the coat fabric are not decorated in a single color, but are diluted with geometric patterns in the form of a middle cell. In this fabric, shiny threads of various thicknesses are also appropriate.
  3. Fall / Winter 2018 lightweight coats feature foliage print in subtle dark shades on black and white.

The hottest trends of the season

Designers from Russian and other fashion houses did not stand aside. At the past fashion weeks, the fall-winter 2018 coat collections were presented, in which:

  • the usual classics appeared in a new look, because outerwear with elements of a man's cut in a wide strip of wool and drape of gray color appeared in it;
  • in coat models for the fall-winter 2018 seasons in brown and white shades, silhouettes are more feminine due to a wide belt at the waist with a decorative buckle;
  • the trend will be unusual models of asymmetric cut, which will help hide figure flaws and emphasize the ease of a woman's gait;
  • for lovers of short options, coats-jackets, coats-jackets and coats-jackets will be available;
  • a separate line of outerwear with shortened sleeves, which are recommended to be worn with gloves of different lengths, has been introduced;
  • at the peak of popularity were women's coats more reminiscent of a military uniform with large metal buttons, fasteners and shoulder straps;
  • options from ordinary and patent leather with embossing under crocodile scales in a varied palette of shades will become fashionable;
  • aristocratic velvet and no less gorgeous corduroy are back in fashion. Feminine models from these materials are presented in rich and pastel colors, and the most interesting trend is considered to be large pockets located below the waist.

Lovers of bright outerwear should pay special attention to coats decorated with flowers in combination with fur trim on the collar and cuffs.

It is also worth paying attention to coats, where combinations of two or even three different materials are combined. Such stylish models are suitable for those who are not afraid to surprise others.

Fashion trends in Moscow

Leading Moscow fashion designers presented a unique collection of outerwear, which will be relevant in the cold season of 2018-2019. Special unique collections of coats will go on sale at the beginning of September in the most juicy and unexpected shades:

  • purple;
  • combinations of warm brown with coral;
  • shade of baked milk and cold white;
  • deep blue;
  • combination of gray and red.

Models with an unusual design will become relevant:

  1. Slim-fit classic coats with wide ties.
  2. Ruffle from collar to hem, unisex garments with oblique zip.
  3. For those who like to walk without hats, special collections with hoods and voluminous free sleeves have been developed.

Such a collection was presented by Bella Potemkina, who dresses such famous stars as Natalya Koroleva, Kristina Orbakaite and other women popular in Russia.

Valentina Yudashkin collection in Paris

But Valentin this time worked in a duet with his daughter Galina Yudashkina and managed to surprise not only his compatriots, but also fashion houses in Italy, London and New York with extraordinary solutions in coat design.

The lineup looks elegant and very gentle. The artist used a palette of three shades:

  • pearl;
  • silver;
  • gray-violet.

He created unique models of coats with an avant-garde cut, but at the same time managed to preserve the style and unique sophistication in the presented images.

Every girl or woman of any age will be able to find something special for herself, unique in her usual style, or radically change her image.

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