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Ranking of the best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2021
Ranking of the best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2021
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Cordless vacuum cleaners are of great interest to many consumers, because the absence of a cord makes them more mobile and comfortable to use. Today, there are a huge number of models on the market, so before buying it is worth studying the rating and evaluating the top best cordless vacuum cleaners 2021 in terms of price and quality.

How to choose the right cordless vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaners are a new type of technology, so not all buyers know what selection criteria should be considered when buying.


First of all, it is worth noting, like wired counterparts, cordless vacuum cleaners are designed for wet, dry and combined cleaning.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the complete set, namely the presence of a turbo brush, which simplifies cleaning not only the floor, but also the furniture.

Also, almost all models have a manual removable module, thanks to which you can remove even on the mezzanine or collect crumbs from the table. More expensive models may include additional functions, such as steaming.


Another important criterion for choosing a vacuum cleaner is power, but not total for the entire device, but suction. The higher it is, the faster the device will cope with its task.

True, some users note that the unit with a very high power is not so convenient to use, especially when cleaning the carpet, which constantly sticks to the nozzle.


Experts note that an important indicator, which is responsible for the quality of cleaning, as well as for the convenience of using a cordless vacuum cleaner, is its battery life.

Most of the affordable models can work continuously for 15–20 minutes, which, in principle, is enough for cleaning a small apartment. Expensive options provide up to 1.5 hours, but it is rational to purchase a model that will work on a single charge from 40 to 50 minutes.

Dust collector

All models of cordless vacuum cleaners are equipped with plastic containers, which act as a dust collector. The minimum volume is 0.3 liters, the maximum is 1 liter.

For cleaning a small room, a small volume is enough, but if children live in the house and there are animals, then preference should be given to models with a dust collector volume of at least 0.6–0.7 liters.

Top Best Cordless Combination Vacuum Cleaners

When choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner that is suitable for wet and dry cleaning, you should pay attention to the rating of the best manufacturers of 2021 in terms of price-performance ratio.

Xiaomi Roidmi NEX X20

A beautiful and lightweight unit that is comparable in cleaning quality to luxury models. The vacuum cleaner can be controlled via Wi-Fi using the Smart Home system, which makes the device with wireless charging super modern.

This model is especially suitable for cleaning a house where a large family lives with children. Continuous working time is 1 hour, it will take 2.5 hours to fully charge.


  • good quality;
  • ease of use;
  • high power;
  • the presence of a backlight, a turbo brush and several nozzles.


  • lack of vertical parking;
  • unsuccessful brush sizes;
  • dust collector with a volume of 0.4 liters.

Price: from 24,000 rubles.

Philips FC6408

The model attracts with its unusual design, color and set of optimal programs. The vacuum cleaner is easy to operate, it will replace not only a broom, but also a car vacuum cleaner.

At the same time, both clean water and a special detergent for cleaning floors can be poured into the container. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fine filter, and its power ensures easy collection of wool and small debris.


  • clear management;
  • the ability to collect spilled liquid;
  • maneuverability;
  • collection of small debris and wool;
  • availability of vertical parking;
  • additional microfiber attachment.


  • long battery charging;
  • exceeding the standard noise level;
  • lack of backlight and aquafilter.

Price: from 21,000 rubles.

Philips FC6404 PowerPro Aqua

The presented model is able to turn ordinary cleaning into an interesting activity, because it perfectly combines high quality, reliability and versatility. Thanks to its good technical characteristics, the vacuum cleaner easily copes with cleaning floors, furniture and other surfaces.

The device is compact, equipped with a container for collecting dirty liquid and a cyclone filter that prevents dust from entering the air.


  • comfortable, lightweight and maneuverable;
  • ergonomic design;
  • powerful;
  • fast charging;
  • the presence of a separate container for water.


  • problems with cleaning the brush;
  • does not cope with pet hair.

Price: from 19,000 rubles.

Philips FC6405 / 01 PowerPro Aqua

A beautiful, handy and functional vacuum cleaner that, unlike the previous model, is equipped with an improved power adapter. An attachable water container is provided, there is a vertical parking, a turbo brush and an additional microfiber nozzle designed for wet cleaning.


  • stylish design;
  • lightweight, comfortable;
  • availability of additional attachments.


  • low power level;
  • the charge is not enough for a full cleaning.

Price: from 20,000 rubles.

VES electric VC-015-S

An inexpensive model that attracts with its unusual design and good functionality. The vacuum cleaner is very light, so even children and the elderly can handle cleaning. Despite the absence of vertical parking, it is provided with a wall mount, which eliminates the risk of falling and damage.


  • affordability;
  • light;
  • ease of use.


  • copes poorly with wet cleaning;
  • narrow brush.

Price: from 6000 rubles.

Top best cordless dry vacuum cleaners

Among all the presented models of cordless vacuum cleaners, it is the devices designed for dry cleaning that are in great demand. According to customer reviews and expert opinion, a rating was compiled and named the top best models of 2021 in terms of value for money.

Deerma VC20S

A high-performance model at an affordable price, with which you can quickly and easily clean the room. The clever vacuum cleaner is equipped with a spacious dust container and several attachments for collecting dust from carpets and small debris.


  • maneuverability and ergonomics;
  • high suction power;
  • the presence of an electric brush;
  • the indicator of the notification of the fullness of the dust container.


  • the presence of a specific smell of plastic;
  • the need to clean the filter after each cleaning.

Price: from 5000 rubles.

Kitfort KT-536

A new, improved and affordable cordless vacuum cleaner that will clean debris from any kind of surface. The model attracts with its unusual design, ergonomics, ease of operation.

They are impressive: quiet operation, a large dust collector and a good list of special programs.


  • ease of management;
  • attractive design;
  • low noise level;
  • long battery life.


  • unreliable pipe fixation;
  • the hole in the cyclone is often clogged.

Price: from 6500 rubles.

Redmond RV-UR356

A vacuum cleaner from a well-known brand with a long period of operation, a large dust collector and a stylish design will become a reliable assistant in the house. The appliance is equipped with a detachable hand module, so it can be used for cleaning vertical, soft surfaces. The vacuum cleaner can be stored compactly between cleaning due to its ability to mount it to the wall.


  • good build quality;
  • light;
  • cleaning of all types of surfaces.


  • noisy;
  • low power level;
  • overall.

Price: from 7000 rubles.

Kitfort KT-542

An excellent home assistant with a brutal appearance and thoughtful lighting from a well-known brand that supplies only high quality products to the market. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a UV lamp that cleans the air and all types of surfaces. It should be noted the ergonomic handle, convenient location of the power regulator and a special compartment for storing attachments.


  • duration of work 60 minutes;
  • high build quality;
  • the presence of backlight;
  • thoughtful equipment;
  • two levels of filtration.


  • no charging base;
  • the smell of plastic;
  • heavy weight;
  • low suction power.

Price: from 10,000 rubles.

The best premium cordless vacuum cleaners

Premium cordless vacuum cleaners are presented in a wide range, their cost varies from 20,000 to 75,000 rubles. But the proposed rating and top of the best models of 2021 will allow you to choose a vacuum cleaner with the best functions, high quality and at a reasonable price.

Morphy Richards 734050EE

Among its competitors, the device stands out for its high power and reliability, as well as the availability for cleaning in standard mode without recharging for an hour. In addition to technical characteristics, the model has a wide range of functionality.

So, the vacuum cleaner will easily clean the floor, car and furniture from dirt and dust. The air frequency is provided by the HEPA system fine filter. Price: from 25,000 rubles.

Dyson V8 Absolut

Compact vacuum cleaner with an attractive design and a wide range of programs. The unit is equipped with a fine filter, a comfortable handle and a capacious battery. Other advantages include the presence of a miniature electric brush, a dust collector full indicator, and ease of storage. Price: from 30,000 rubles.

Philips FC6823 SpeedPro Max

An advanced device designed for high-quality cleaning of any type of surface. The model looks simple, but stylish, no unnecessary details. The main advantages include the presence of LED backlighting, useful indicators, electric brushes, and a rich package. Price: from 35,000 rubles.

The compiled rating and top of the best models of 2021 in the ratio of quality and price will allow you to choose a worthy device for home use. It is also worth considering that there are cordless vacuum cleaners on the market with the ability to transform into a handheld vacuum cleaner. And here it is worth noting such models as Xiaomi Dreame V9, Dyson V7 Parquet Extra and Philips FC6726 SpeedPro.

Summing up

  1. When choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to the suction power, the volume of the dust collector, and the complete set.
  2. The most important metric of a good cordless vacuum cleaner is battery life and charging time.
  3. If you want to free yourself from wet cleaning, you should give preference to the combined type model.
  4. A vacuum cleaner with the ability to transform into a manual one will allow you to clean even in hard-to-reach places.

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