+2 hours for yourself. Instamart - shopping in slippers
+2 hours for yourself. Instamart - shopping in slippers
Video: +2 hours for yourself. Instamart - shopping in slippers
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The express delivery service for products and goods from the largest hypermarkets in Moscow is actively developing in Moscow.

Once upon a time, in order to get food, a person had to cultivate the soil and harvest himself. Time has passed. But the "future" has not come to every home.

Today on weekends, most families spend time driving to the store, queuing and traffic jams, looking for a parking space. Instamart helps you step into the future: now you can order from your favorite stores at a convenient place and time. Delivery is carried out so far from Metro Cash & Carry. But in the coming months, the list of stores from which products are delivered will be significantly expanded.

Sounds good, but is there any real benefit compared to conventional stores? Let's compare:

  1. Range… Instamart claims that it has about 20,000 hypermarket products available to its customers.
  2. Service… Buying goods with delivery significantly saves time and effort. Free time will be more useful to spend on yourself than on queues and the way to the store.
  3. All discounts in one place… Before placing an order, you can select the best store discounts and buy at the best price.
  4. No delay… The order is collected just before delivery and the best expiration dates are selected.
  5. Free shipping… In addition, Instamart delivers goods free of charge when ordering from 3,000 rubles, which is a small amount for a week, even for one person. The delivery price does not scare you and with the minimum order amount - 1500 rubles.
  6. Without leaving home… In a blizzard or slush, in a rain or storm, a courier will bring fresh products from your list.
  7. Order in a few clicks… Make an order on the website or in the mobile application.

Weekly grocery shopping is a thing of the past. Young families, office managers, workaholics have already agreed with this. Try it yourself!

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