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Why is the exam dreaming in a dream
Why is the exam dreaming in a dream

Video: Why is the exam dreaming in a dream

Video: Why is the exam dreaming in a dream
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Having to pass an exam is something we face for most of our lives, primarily in school and college. The dream of his failure can haunt the dreamer for years. However, it turns out that such night vision can be of great importance to humans. It is imperative to look into the dream book if you want to know why an adult is dreaming of an exam at an institute.

Exam - the main meaning

When interpreting a dream about an exam, it is important whether it concerns the present or the past dreamer. The nightmare in which a person sees himself as a child taking school exams means that he finds it difficult to cope with the events that occurred in childhood, and he is afraid of them.

It is also possible that the dreamer has too high expectations from himself, which he is unable to justify. If you dream of an exam that a person is now passing, the dream book indicates that he has an important choice to make.


Fear of the exam

Feeling fear of an exam in a dream is a sign that a person is afraid of failure, which paralyzes his actions and self-confidence. Unsuccessful preparation for the dream book exam signals a fear of criticism. Being late for an exam shows a fear of looking like a failure in the eyes of others.

An unusual option is when the dreamer himself examines someone. This means that there is work to be done, or that someone will expect favor.

If in a dream it turns out that the dreamer is not ready for the exam, this is a sign that he expects too much of himself.


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Exam time

A dream about an exam, which takes place not in the past, but in the present, is a reflection of the dreamer's state of mind. This is a sign that a person is too critical of himself. He wants to achieve something really meaningful in life, but focusing on his goal burns out and makes him feel like he is constantly in a struggle.

Exam at school or institute

Passing the school exam means counting on success in the professional field. Taking the 5-minute exam bodes especially good news. A person will be able to achieve the ambitious goals set for himself.

Interestingly, a dream about a failed exam also means success, but unexpected. The dreamer will succeed in circumstances that he already considered lost. If you run into obstacles in passing the exam, you can expect problems at work.


Dreaming of an exam at the institute in a large and comfortable auditorium is a good omen. He promises a surge of energy, while an exam in a cramped and stuffy room symbolizes that the dreamer is too worried about things that are beyond his control.

Seeing an extremely important exam in a dream means that you can count on gratitude for your efforts. Refusing to take the exam is a warning of excessive ambition.

The dream book interprets a difficult exam in mathematics as impending financial problems. One of the most important exams in life is the one that a person takes after leaving school. A dream about the final exam for a certificate symbolizes change and future success.


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Interpretation depending on the dreamer

It happens that students have a dream about the upcoming exam. In such a situation, night vision shows how much value they attach to the event. But dreams should be interpreted in a slightly peculiar way: the more difficult the test seen, the better the grade that the student will receive in reality. The better you get a mark in a dream, the greater the risk of failing the exam at the institute in real life. This is a sign that it is worth learning and gaining knowledge while there is time.

Driving test

Driving test dreams are not as common as school dreams, but they are also associated with great emotions. A dream about preparing for an exam is a good omen - a lucrative offer will come soon. Passing the exam is a harbinger of a test, but you can cope with it if you believe in yourself.

A dream about successfully obtaining a driver's license is a sign that it will be possible to achieve what a person aspired to. A dream about failure of the exam in this case portends mental problems or addictions.


Other interpretations

In order to give an accurate decoding of what one dreams of taking an exam for, one should remember all the basic details of night vision. What other values can there be:

  1. Written exam - a person worries too much about minor problems.
  2. Download answers to exam questions from the Internet - the dreamer is counting on ready-made solutions or someone's help.
  3. To pass the exam quickly and without problems - to gain additional self-confidence, to pass a life test or "strength test" in any business.
  4. Oral exam - big and unfulfilled ambition.
  5. Hearing the native language on the exam symbolizes an attempt to solve the problem of communicating with other people.
  6. Failing the exam and hearing the laughter of people in the audience is a fear of an important event, an inner anxiety before trying to change something in life. Seeing another student who has failed in the exam - you will be able to achieve success in self-realization.

For an adult before the exam, getting to know the examiner is an omen that he can count on success in the near future.


Mystical dream book

What is the dream of an exam at a school or institute, you can see in this esoteric source. Obstacles in passing the exam in a dream speak of difficulties in the professional field. Other interpretations:

  1. If you dream that you need to pass an exam, this is a sign that you have to make a decision or spend time productively at work.
  2. The exam is too difficult - a sign that a person will be worried about their professional affairs.
  3. When you dream that the dreamer can answer most of the questions, in reality - to unexpected happiness.

If in a dream you decide not to take the exam, this means too much ambition or the presence of problems that prevent you from making the desired decision.


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Arabic dream book

When you dream that you need to take an exam, then, according to the Arab dream book, this is a sign that you should be extremely careful. If the dreamer has passed an important exam, this portends that his ambition and hard work will be compensated by the achieved wealth. If you dream about passing the exam, this means that some problem does not allow you to live in peace.



  1. For many, the exam is synonymous with great stress and responsibility, so students, high school graduates, or people facing it in reality should perceive such a dream as a natural reflection of their emotions.
  2. The exam is a reference to our life, to various situations in which we must prove ourselves. It could be a new job or a need to resolve a conflict. In this case, the interpretation of the dream depends only on the dreamer's well-being: if he feels confident and believes in his abilities, then deciphering the dream should be treated as a willingness to cope with any problems. In this case, the exam should be considered a positive sign.
  3. When the dreamer experiences other sensations, the dream is a symbol of the fear of the need to prove himself and be condemned by other people.

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