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Auspicious days for a wedding in July 2020
Auspicious days for a wedding in July 2020

To be sure that the date of the wedding is perfect, before applying, you should familiarize yourself with the favorable days for the wedding in July 2020 according to the lunar calendar. Let's study it in more detail and find out which days are most suitable for marriage.

Moon phases and date selection

All 4 phases of the Moon have a strong impact on the life of living things on the planet and, of course, on a person and his emotional state. The growing moon (1st quarter) is a period of accumulation of energy and beginnings. On a decreasing (last quarter) less emotional outbursts, but more new strength and determination.


At this time, it is worth planning weddings for people who can hardly cope with anxiety, prone to fainting, indecisive and emotionally unstable. In this phase, the celebration will pass like clockwork, and you will not experience unnecessary worries.

Weekends are traditionally chosen for weddings, but if you want this to be the ideal period according to the lunar calendar and are not prone to prejudice, then any will suit you.

People are used to using different signs and calendars. The most popular were:

  1. Folk omens associated with weather events, as well as superstitions.
  2. Chinese horoscope for the patron saint of the year. With him, everything is in order, because the Rat is considered a family animal and favors strong alliances.
  3. Church holidays calendar. There are certain days when Christians are prohibited from celebrating and making alliances. Nowadays, marriage is a civil act and it is worth adhering to important holidays only if a wedding is planned.
  4. Numerological forecast. The complex science of numerology allows, based on your dates of birth and important events, to choose the best number for marriage.
  5. To determine auspicious days for a wedding in July 2020, we will carefully study the lunar calendar, since it was he who was trusted by our ancestors.
  6. Astrological forecasts. Associated with the signs of the zodiac, the position of the influencing planets and the lunar cycles.

Popular superstitions paid much attention to the leap year, although its roots lie far back in antiquity and have a different interpretation. Our ancestors believed that during this period the most unsuccessful marriages. And the reason is that, according to ancient traditions, a leap year was considered a woman's, and the right to choose a groom was given to the bride.

It was shameful for men to refuse after a choice was made, and marriages were often contracted against their will. As a rule, this brought little happiness, and with the advent of Christianity, the tradition gradually faded away, and the notoriety remained. But if you go back to Slavic roots, for girls and women this is almost the most successful period for marriage.


This year, most of all, female wisdom dominates in actions, the fertility of the earth blesses them for the continuation of the family and gives health to future babies. In the characters of children conceived in the year of the Rat, there will always be respect for elders and reverence for relatives.



Let's choose auspicious days for a wedding in July 2020, according to the Lunar calendar. The month during this period is unusually strong in its influence on our actions and destinies. And all this is due to the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th. However, it is not worth planning weddings on it. The most favorable days for celebrations will be the following weekend couples: 18-19 and 25-26.

The first dates will give your union reliability, strength and wisdom. The second - romance, passion, new waves of fresh emotions and love.


Unfavorable dates will be a couple of weekends: 4 and 5. Marriages made on these days will be difficult and contradictory. It will take many years of struggle and work on yourself to save them. Therefore, think before you schedule a wedding for these days. July 5 is a difficult day for the strength of the influence of the lunar eclipse, and your celebration may be in jeopardy. The impact of such a burst of energy on the behavior of a large group of people is unpredictable.

The days off on July 11 and 12 are neutral. However, be prepared that in a marriage under the sign of Aries, you will fight for leadership, and someone alone will eventually have to give up.

In July, until the 11th, Petrov fast lasts. Weddings cannot be held on these days.



Our ancestors valued Monday and Friday most of all for weddings. In July 2020, 2, 3, 13, 18, 21, 31 will be successful according to the lunar calendar. And at these dates of July, it is better to conclude alliances for mature couples: 6, 10, 24 and 27.

Unfavorable days for marriage: July 23 and 14. Such unions are doomed to eternal skirmishes and clarifications.


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Detailed cycle guidelines

The effect of the passage of various signs of the Zodiac by a satellite of the Earth can be seen in the table of its cycles. We will find out what favorable days for marriage will be in July 2020 according to the lunar calendar.

Moon position

Impact on marriage
Moon in Scorpio (1.07, from 27-28.07) Favorable. Jealousy is possible, but the union is strong
Moon in Sagittarius (2-3.07. And 29-31.07) Strong alliances for time-tested couples
Moon in Capricorn (4-6.07) Unfavorable period. For mature couples only.
Moon in Aquarius (7-8.07) Unfavorable. Complex relationships.
Moon in Pisces (9-10.07) Unfavorable period. Difficulties, quarrels. For mature couples only
Moon in Aries (11-13.07) Neutral period. A struggle for leadership is likely. Suitable for public people.
Moon in Taurus (14-15.07) Unfavorable period. Quarreling.
Moon in Gemini (16-18.07)

Neutral. A good day for a nautical wedding. The rest of the days are for mature couples only.

Moon in Cancer (19-20.07) Neutral period. Parents' interference in the lives of young people is great.
Moon in Leo (21-22.07) Favorable period. Suitable for young extreme couples.
Moon in Virgo (23-24.07) Unfavorable. Only for mature couples.
Moon in Libra (25-26.07) Favorable period. Happy marriages

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