Victor Drobysh has determined the winner of Eurovision
Victor Drobysh has determined the winner of Eurovision
Video: Victor Drobysh has determined the winner of Eurovision
Video: Виктор Дробыш — суд с Самбурской, протеже-гей, критика Манижи, скандалы Евровидения 2023, February

Stockholm is actively preparing for the next annual Eurovision Song Contest. Artists from different countries are diligently working on their compositions and shows, trying to create something incredibly creative. Meanwhile, producer Viktor Drobysh said that he knows the secret of winning the competition.

As the producer of the "Russian News Service" stated, according to his observations, this year it will not be the owner of an amazing vocals and not the creator of a spectacular show that will win the competition.

“I believe that the strongest should win, and in the case of Eurovision, the funniest one, who has shorter stockings, will win,” Drobysh said.

He added that the introduction of new voting rules is unlikely to affect the results of the competition. We will remind, recently the organizers of the music competition announced changes in the voting rules. Now, in the final show, the jury's marks will be announced first (from 1 to 12 points, except for 9 and 11 - such a rating system is needed to indicate the gap between the second and third places), and then the result of the audience vote by SMS, starting from the very last place. The winner will be announced at the very end of the show.

This year, Russian singer Sergei Lazarev will represent Russia at Eurovision.

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