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Pink got naked in anticipation of childbirth
Pink got naked in anticipation of childbirth

Video: Pink got naked in anticipation of childbirth

Video: Pink got naked in anticipation of childbirth
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Pregnant stars today diligently observe one tradition. This tradition is to be naked shortly before childbirth. It would seem that there is nothing special in this and nothing will surprise us. But the singer Pink (Pink) managed to be original.


The artist published an unusual picture for which she posed topless. Moreover, her five-year-old daughter Willow posed with Pink - the girl diligently hugged her mother's belly. At the same time, the hands of the mother and daughter are decorated with bracelets in the best traditions of the hippie movement. This is such a Family Portrait.

Judging by Pink's volume, she is at the end of the second trimester. This means that the baby will be born at the end of winter - early spring.

The singer tries to be a caring mother and has repeatedly emphasized that with the birth of her daughter, a new life began for her. At the same time, the artist herself was a rather difficult child in childhood.

“Dad left when I was only seven,” said the star. - And my mother had to study a lot and work all the time. And also go to bars with your boyfriend. So I was unattended all the time. I cooked for my brother myself and generally was in charge of the eldest in the house. Besides, I also managed to get involved in a bunch of different troubles. Already at the age of 13 I was such a real club party girl. Went around all night long. And my mother sat at home and waited for me. And I ran away all the time."

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