Britney Spears put on a wedding dress
Britney Spears put on a wedding dress

Video: Britney Spears put on a wedding dress

Video: Donatella Versace on Designing Britney Spears’ Wedding Dress (Exclusive) 2022, December

Britney Spears continues to upset her fans with not the most pleasant news. The other day, the pop diva threatened her relatives that she would commit suicide if they tried to send her to a psychiatric clinic.

According to the singer's friends, she asked them to warn their parents so that they would not even think about looking for a clinic for her. “They won't send me to a psychiatric hospital! Spears said to one of her friends in a telephone conversation. “No one can send me there until I want to. I'd rather kill myself than let me be locked up again. So give my words to dad and mom. Oh my goodness! This is already stronger than me."

After the incident with Britney's refusal to give the children to her ex-husband, the singer was taken to the hospital for examination. The examination showed that there are no traces of alcohol and drugs in her blood.

Meanwhile, the pop diva continues to show inappropriate behavior. The other day, while walking with her paparazzi boyfriend Ednan Golib, Britney appeared in her wedding dress. Yes, it turned out to be the same outfit in which the singer married Kevin Federline in 2004. Such a strange choice of dress gave rise to a wave of the most incredible rumors - supposedly the star intends to marry a photographer, moreover, to convert to Islam. However, Ednan himself often appears in public with crucifixes around his neck, so rumors about Britney's change of religion seem to be premature.

Today, January 14, the next hearing on the child custody case will take place. Britney Spears' representatives have so far declined to give any official comments. The lawyer for ex-spouse of pop singer Kevin Federline is relatively loyal to Britney, reports AP. “Britney Spears, having come to court, will have the opportunity to prove her right to see children and visit them,” said Mark Vincent Kaplan.

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