Perfumers have created a slimming perfume
Perfumers have created a slimming perfume

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Severe diets, slimming underwear, all kinds of special gadgets … What kind of means do women not resort to in attempts to lose those extra pounds. And now the list of effective weight loss products has been replenished with one more product. Thousands of British women are already dreaming of buying this novelty.

Cosmetic company Velds and French perfume house Robertet presented a special perfume to the public. Eau de toilette called Prends-moi, according to the creators, will not only give you a pleasant aroma, but also help you lose those extra pounds, or at least not gain them.

As representatives of Robertet explained, the new fragrance was created under the motto “lose weight with pleasure” and was developed taking into account the latest scientific research in “aromatherapy” and “neurocosmetology”.

By the way, the smell of the novelty, judging by the description, is quite pleasant: notes of bergamot, tangerine and grapefruit.

The perfume contains caffeine, carnitine and spirulina extract, which activate enzymes directly involved in the lipolysis process (lipolysis). In addition, eau de toilette contains substances that, when in contact with the skin, release "hormones of joy" - endorphins. It turns out that the Prends-moi work according to the following scheme: endorphins act on the brain, improving well-being, a person's mood rises, and at the same time the desire to snack disappears.

According to the results of perfume testing, in which women aged 18 to 70 years took part, the creators found that 75% of women no longer needed a snack, 82% felt more comfortable after application. 75% appreciated the pleasant scent and said they would use it every day. And 70% of women said that they felt the influence of the novelty on their attitude to food.

The creators of Prends-moi recommend applying a drop of perfume to your skin in the morning and during the day when you feel like having a snack.

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