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Love Stories: Carrie Bradshaw and Her Men. Extracting lessons
Love Stories: Carrie Bradshaw and Her Men. Extracting lessons

Video: Love Stories: Carrie Bradshaw and Her Men. Extracting lessons

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An acclaimed style icon and adored by millions of women around the world, this sexy American woman is just the fantasy of writer Candace Bushnell. But even the fact that the real Carrie Bradshaw never existed did not prevent her from becoming almost the most famous female character of our time. We say "Sex and the City" - we remember Carrie, we say Carrie - we remember the cult series. In addition to sex, there were many love stories in the life of a charming girl, and some of them deserve special attention.

The relaxed and intelligent writer Carrie Bradshaw, the author of a column about sex and love in the city newspaper of New York, continues to believe in a big and sincere feeling, despite the failures on his personal font and age "somewhat over 30". Popular with men, Carrie meets with different representatives of the stronger sex, but in her heart there is always a love for the one and only John Preston, whom the girl calls only "the man of my dreams."

John Preston: sometimes you have to leave to return

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<p> Carrie's relationship with the man of her dreams is like a pendulum: from one extreme to another, it is very good, sometimes very bad. Sometimes the state of "bad" comes to the point that the heroes part, but life still pushes their heads together. And this happens more than once or twice. </p>
<p> Unfortunately, only after losing Carrie, Preston realizes how much he loves her. As if afraid that he will be tamed, Mr. Big (another comic nickname for John) disappears from the girl's life just when it seems to her that now everything is certainly serious. Once these games go too far, and Preston, having left New York for Paris, returns with a bride - a model named Natasha. But their marriage did not last long precisely because Mr. Big starts dating Carrie again. </p>
<p> <strong> Moral: </strong> This relationship is a vivid example of the fact that not every man is able to understand how dear a woman is to him until he loses her. Unfortunately, some of them think more about themselves, their freedom, than about joint happiness with a single girl. Having finally gained the long-awaited independence, they suddenly realize that they have lost much more. But sometimes there is nowhere to return. </p>
<h2> Aidan Shaw: the man who wants to get married </h2>
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Furniture designer Aidan Shaw is the dream of half of the women of our planet: loyal, kind, open, ready to belong to one girl and make her happy. He appears in Carrie's life after her breakup with Mr. Big, and it seems that a holiday has finally arrived on the street of the writer, but this impression is deceiving. Carrie lacks the sharpness, the old passion that was in abundance in her relationship with Preston. She is sure that she loves Aidan, but she is afraid of this calmness, afraid of the prospect of becoming a typical wife and going to the village for the weekend. If you look closely, the romance with Aidan is a mirror image of the connection with Mr. Big, only now Carrie herself avoids rapprochement, telling her ideal lover: "You are too available." Despite her doubts, Carrie nevertheless accepts the marriage proposal, although she wears the wedding ring around her neck like a pendant. It is not difficult to guess that the wedding never took place.

Morality: Half of the Sex and the City fans were angry with Carrie because of the way she treated Aidan, believing that this should not be done with a man in love with you. In some ways they are right. In fact, giving false hope, realizing that sooner or later you will disappoint a loved one, is not the best tactic. It's much more honest, realizing that you and your man have completely different outlooks on life, stop meaningless relationships before they go too far.

Jack Berger: the guy who can't part

The talented writer Jack Berger is another passion of Carrie, whom she met after having failed romances with two of the most important men in her life. Berger knew how to make Carrie laugh and understand, however, he was unable to sincerely rejoice for the writer when his own career was going through hard times. Jack decides to break up with Carrie, but does it in a very strange way - through a note. This act unbalances the girl, but she quickly comes to her senses, deciding that parting is not the end of life.

Morality: Carrie had to endure several painful breaks, and Berger's note surprised her rather than seriously upset her. Perhaps the previous experience helped the girl not to despair. Be that as it may, at that time the heroine already had her own separation rules: “The first is to get rid of those photos where he is sexy and you are happy. Second, lie, it's much easier. Third, until you are emotionally stable, don't go shopping.Fourth, don't stop thinking about him for a second, because that's when he will appear. And the most important rule: no matter who broke your heart and how long it takes to glue it together, you cannot survive it without your friends."

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