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Changes in the exam in history in 2021
Changes in the exam in history in 2021

Video: Changes in the exam in history in 2021

Video: Changes in the exam in history in 2021
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Graduates of the 11th grade can get acquainted with the new projects of the KIM USE for 2021, which were released by the Federal Institute of Pedagogical Measurements (FIPI). They describe in detail the changes in the USE in history in 2021, the dates for exams and guidelines that will help you better prepare for the final exam in history.

How will they take the history exam now?

In 2021, it is planned to introduce changes in the passing of exams in history. Many experts have long talked about making the history exam mandatory. In the context of a pandemic, specialists carried out a large-scale reform of the quality control system for schoolchildren's knowledge in 2020. As a result, the KIMs of the Unified State Exam have been finalized and brought into line with the new current standards for testing knowledge in all subjects.


Beginning in 2021, the history exam becomes compulsory for all ninth graders.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, it was not possible to test new tickets due to the cancellation of exams, so a special demo was created for schoolchildren, according to which they can test their knowledge of history and practice passing exams in this subject.

This is reported by the latest FIPI news, which contains links to examples of new exam tickets in history. From the official materials it is clear what changes have occurred in the structure of the new examination papers:

  • the number of tasks has increased from 21 to 24;
  • three tasks appeared in the general examination work (15, 16, 17), to which three short answers on the history of foreign countries have to be given;
  • the maximum initial mark for completing the entire examination paper in history also increased from 34 to 37 due to the increase in the number of assignments.

The exam in history and in other compulsory subjects of the OGE will be held in full-time in 2021.

Time and format of the required history exam in 2021

According to the new educational standards, the USE under the new rules will take place at the school where the graduates study. For all regions of the Russian Federation, a single exam is provided, which is indicated in the GIA-2021 calendar. The work must be completed in 3 hours.

In the latest news on the FIPI website, a new draft calendar for passing the history exam in 2021 is presented:

  • early passing of the exam is provided on the main day on April 29 and reserve days on May 5 and 14;
  • the main day for passing the exam is May 25, reserve days are June 22, 23, 24 and 29, July 1;
  • retaking the exam in the fall is scheduled on the main day on September 9 or on reserve dates on September 16, 17, 21 and 22.

Already, schoolchildren can use the FIPI demo to get acquainted with all the new questions and test their strength in passing the history exam according to the new rules. On the official website of the FIPI, there is a codifier and specifications in the public domain that set out the basic requirements for the examination paper in history.

Major changes

New types of assignments are an innovation in history-based CMMs. The student must demonstrate to the examiners a number of important skills acquired in the course of studying history:

  • the ability to work with a historical map;
  • to process the information presented in the chart;
  • be able to analyze the information received;
  • to understand the peculiarities of cultures of different historical periods.

Interesting! How many points do you need to score at the OGE in 2021

The content of the 2021 tickets in history will not change significantly. Tickets for 2020 were not used due to the cancellation of the history exam for 9th grade graduates, which was previously an elective exam.

The changes in the USE in history in 2021 should not scare the graduates. Tickets will not change much, and the exam schedule reserves more days for early delivery, work on the main days of exams and during the autumn retake.



Schoolchildren and parents should remember the following about the changes in the USE in history in 2021:

  1. The exam will be compulsory from the spring of 2021.
  2. You can get acquainted with KIMs on new examination papers right now on the FIPI website, where all information is freely available.
  3. You can already start preparing and choose the optimal time for passing the new compulsory exam in history, using the approved calendar of the USE final exams.

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