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Changes in the exam in mathematics in 2021
Changes in the exam in mathematics in 2021

Video: Changes in the exam in mathematics in 2021

Video: Changes in the exam in mathematics in 2021
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Mathematics is a compulsory subject in which it is necessary to pass the final attestation in the 11th grade. The current graduates started preparing for the exam more than a year ago. Now many of them are interested in what changes will be introduced in the exam in mathematics in 2021. You need to know this in order to be ready for innovations and not get nervous during the final certification. We invite you to study the latest FIPI news.

Should we expect changes

The USE in mathematics is one of the few exams that have not been changed. Therefore, you should not worry about the upcoming changes. Eleventh graders can continue to prepare for the final assessment according to the plan that they adhered to earlier.


What is better to take: base or profile

The exam in mathematics is available for delivery in two versions:

  1. The basic level includes simplified assignments and is suitable for those graduates who do not require mathematics for admission.
  2. The profile must be taken by eleventh graders wishing to enroll in specialties where computational skills are required.

How the exam will be held in 2021

Judging by the latest FIPI news, the mathematics exam will be held in the usual way. Pupils will take final certification at another educational institution. Therefore, it is worth preparing mentally for a change of scenery.


Each examinee will have their documents checked. Then the children will be divided into classes, where they will be given options for the tasks and forms for entering answers.

The child is allowed to leave the office in order to go to the toilet, drink water and eat a chocolate bar. You cannot take out and bring in anything with you.

The duration of the exam in mathematics depends on the level that the eleventh grader has chosen to pass. The solution of basic tasks is 180 minutes or 3 hours. The profile level is more difficult and voluminous, so the student will receive 235 minutes (3 hours 55 minutes) to complete all tasks of this option.

Main topics to review

Also, schoolchildren are worried about the theory on which main topics should be repeated in order to successfully complete the USE tasks in mathematics. To hand over the base and profile you will need:

  1. Remember real mathematics.
  2. Replenish theoretical knowledge about calculating and converting numbers.
  3. Repeat the solution of equations and inequalities.
  4. Pay special attention to the sections of geometry: planimetry and solid geometry.
  5. Solve probability problems.
  6. Re-examine reading function graphs.

The base and the profile do not differ by topic. However, for the second level of complexity, you will need to pay more attention to the study of theory, since the tasks in this version of the USE belong to the category of increased complexity.

How to successfully pass the exam in mathematics

The preparation process plays an important role. You should not treat him dismissively, even if the USE points in mathematics are not required for admission, and the graduate decided to take the base.

During preparation it is necessary:

  • to repeat the whole theory of algebra and geometry;
  • solve demo versions of the final certification in mathematics;
  • complete the tasks of the options of previous years;
  • try as much as possible to solve the problems from the collections of the exam.

If an eleventh grader does not have enough knowledge to independently prepare for the final certification, then he can turn to a tutor for help or attend special courses that take place on the basis of higher educational institutions.

Many schools introduce electives. These are additional lessons that are usually placed last in the schedule, after the main subjects. Within the framework of one academic hour, the tasks that the graduate will face when passing the exam in mathematics are dealt with.



It is not worth expecting changes in the USE in mathematics in 2021. This is one of those subjects for which the final assessment will remain in the same format. Eleventh graders can stick to their usual preparation plan and not worry about new tasks on the exam.

In order to successfully pass the exam, you must carefully prepare for the final certification. Demo versions of the upcoming exam, as well as options from previous years and problems from collections should be solved. This will help you better remember the theory and bring a series of actions to automatism.

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