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What time are eggs and Easter cakes lit up in 2020
What time are eggs and Easter cakes lit up in 2020

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Easter baked goods and dyes are the main attributes of the Great Holiday. In 2020, Easter falls on April 19, and it's no wonder that many are interested in when eggs and Easter cakes are lit.

Why are foods sanctified?

As we know from the clergy, the sanctification of food means that those who are fasting stop eating fast food and take blessings from our Lord for eating fast food. After the sacred ceremony, it is believed that the food is dedicated to the Almighty and taken to the table from him.

Before we tell you when Easter cakes and eggs are illuminated for Easter in 2020, let's delve a little into the history of this sacrament. A long tradition has come to us from the very time when Jesus appeared to the laity after his resurrection.

Once the Savior, together with the apostles, sat at a large table and ate. And when he was crucified, they, as a sign of respect and honor, left an empty space for him and put a piece of bread there.

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Just as the apostles once left bread for Jesus, so it later became a tradition to leave bread (artos) in the temple. Which means "leavened bread". This bread was sanctified and distributed to believers.

Today, instead of artos, Easter cakes are prepared, decorated and also taken to the temple, shared with others. After consecration, believers go home, sit down at the table to break their fast after a long Great Lent.

The egg means the beginning of a new life, birth, like the resurrection of the Savior. Therefore, eggs decorated with various designs are also the main attributes of the Great Easter.

Day and time for the ritual

For each holiday, believers prepare in advance, and preparation for Easter takes several days, because the laity begin to bake cakes since Thursday. The week before Easter is the most responsible one, during this period the Orthodox observe a strict fast, prepare their homes for the holiday and pray.

On the most important day, the sacrament of the consecration of prepared food takes place. Services are held in churches in the evening, at night and in the morning, so not everyone knows when and what time to come to consecrate the Easter cakes.

The most favorable time for this rite is the end of the Easter service. It usually takes place on Saturday night and ends at 3 o'clock.

Some try to come to the service and after that bless the food, while others believe that this can be done in the morning. And in that, and in this case, the laity are right, but the main thing is that it should be sanctified before noon. The most favorable time for the consecration of Easter cakes and dyes is after the night service.

In modern society, especially young people, neglecting traditions, come to church after breaking the fast. This is wrong, and the clergy do not welcome this.

You need to come to the temple in a sober and vigorous state with positive emotions and anticipation of a festive feast. Consecration of Easter cakes is also considered preparation for Easter, and believers should not neglect the rules.

In addition to the fact that Easter and eggs are holy after the night and morning services, the ceremony can be performed on Sunday eve. Each church on Saturday, starting at 11 o'clock in the afternoon, begins to perform a sacred ordinance. This continues until 21.00.

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In many churches, the clergy themselves determine the time of the sacrament of consecration. You can find out when it will take place in the church.

Approximate Schedule of Services for Easter 2020

Despite the fact that many priests and ministers of the church themselves can determine the time of the service and the ordinances of consecration, there is an approximate schedule according to which most churches work:

  • April 18 - consecration of Easter cakes and eggs: from 11.00 to 12.00, from 14.00 to 17.00;
  • night from 18 to 19 April - Easter service: from 23.00 to 3.00;
  • April 19 (Easter) - blessing of Easter cakes and dyes: from 3.00 to 11.00.

It turns out that the laity can come to church to consecrate cakes and eggs both on Saturday the night before, and on Bright Sunday at night or early in the morning. Easter in 2020 falls on April 19, so when the week before that date comes, you need to fully devote yourself to preparing for this great holiday. The soul must free itself from the anger accumulated over the year and gain light, peace, warmth, love.


  1. Painted eggs and Easter cakes are the main attributes of Easter.
  2. Bright Resurrection of Christ in 2020 falls on April 19.
  3. Believers can consecrate food for the festive table after night and morning services, as well as on Saturday, on the eve of the Bright holiday.

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