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What is the date of the Trinity in 2020
What is the date of the Trinity in 2020

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Trinity is considered one of the main Christian holidays. According to the biblical scriptures, Jesus Christ foreshadowed the descent of the Holy Spirit, which subsequently happened. Believers all over the world, on this day, go to temples, but there is no exact date for the celebration of the Trinity. Therefore, for everyone who wants to go to a holiday in a temple and not violate the traditions of Christianity, it is important to know what date the holiday will be celebrated in 2020.

How did the holiday appear

The Holy Spirit descended to earth, thereby proving to the laity that God is trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Given that the holiday is celebrated on different days each year, it is important for Christians to know when the Trinity will be. The date of the celebration of the Trinity is directly related to Easter.

The history of the appearance of the holiday goes back to ancient times. For the first time, the apostles, the disciples of Jesus Christ, spoke about the holiday. So they wanted to consolidate people's faith in the event that happened on the 50th day after the Resurrection of Christ. For 50 days, the apostles prayed in the Zion upper room, which later became the first temple.

The apostles who were present in the upper room of Zion, after the descent of the Holy Spirit to earth, began to notice changes in themselves. They learned to heal and also to look into the future. In addition, they spoke several languages. It is believed that this was simply necessary in order to carry the faith to all people, regardless of what language they speak.

The official year of the first celebration of the Trinity was 381. This year, the II Ecumenical Council was assembled in Constantinople, where the doctrine of the Trinity was approved. But the Slavs began to celebrate Trinity only after the baptism of Rus.

To always know when the Trinity is being celebrated, the following example can be used. In 2020, Easter will be celebrated by believers on April 19, 50 days are counted from this date. It turns out that Trinity in 2020 will be celebrated on June 7th.

How the holiday is celebrated

Having found out what date the Trinity is in 2020, believers should also know the traditions of the holiday. Considering that this is a religious celebration, believers need to visit the temple and become a participant in the divine service. The service traditionally includes liturgy and Great Vespers. By tradition, all churches on this day are decorated with greenery. Freshly cut grass is placed on the floor, and all the icons of the temple are decorated with branches with green leaves.

Believers who go to church for services can bring green branches, spring flowers, which they take home after the service. It is believed that all the greens that were brought to the temple are illuminated, and if they are brought into the house, then loved ones will be protected from diseases and an evil spirit.

If you are planning to go from the temple and take a blossoming twig with you, then it is better to opt for a birch tree. It is the birch that symbolizes the power that only the Holy Spirit possesses.

Of course, one should not forget about the traditional feast, which is organized by the believers after they come home from the service. Friends and close relatives gather at the table. On this day, everything that guests like can be on the table, since Trinity is not a fast day. A traditional dish that should be on every table during the celebration of Trinity is a loaf.

Our ancestors organized festivities on a grand scale. In the villages, in the late afternoon, residents left their homes and danced, sang and danced.

The Feast of the Trinity should be celebrated not only with a pure soul. Two days before the start of the celebration, you need to put your home in order.

There were other rather interesting traditions as well. Among them are:

  • if it rains on Trinity, then you should definitely go outside and get wet under it. This will give strength, and also help in making your dreams come true;
  • be sure to take a walk in the dew in the morning.Then the year will be successful in all endeavors;
  • it is worth collecting medicinal herbs and flowers. After collection, the plants are dried and used for various ailments throughout the year. The collected plants on Trinity have healing properties.

On the day of the celebration of Trinity, it is forbidden to wash, clean, sew and even wash your hair. In addition, on Saturday, which precedes Trinity, you need to visit the graves of deceased loved ones. This Saturday is called parental.

Folk omens

Our ancestors firmly believed in omens. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them.

  • if it rains on Trinity, this is a very good sign. There is no need to worry about the harvest, as it will necessarily be rich;
  • when going to church for service, you should take a change with you. It is important, on this day, to give alms to those in need. She will definitely return to the server, but in a larger size. Remember, you need to distribute all the small change in order to avoid trouble;
  • in the church you shouldn't just stand, you should definitely pray.

Of course, like on any other holiday, young girls wondered. The Trinity is no exception. In order to find out what awaits the girl in the near future, a wreath of wildflowers was used, which was launched along the river.

If the wreath drowned, then you will have to face serious trials, if it floats and does not sink, then the girl will get married in the near future. Well, if the wreath, lowered into the river, has not moved from its place, then it is too early to think about marriage.

The feast of the Trinity is celebrated for 3 days. Therefore, during these days, you need to walk, enjoy life, visit guests and receive them at home. You can't do anything at home.


  • start the celebration of the Trinity with prayer, and then go to church;
  • nothing can be done during the three days of the holiday - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday;
  • remember that visiting the temple is important for everyone and not only during the Great Feast.

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