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When is the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity in 2022
When is the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity in 2022

Video: When is the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity in 2022

Video: When is the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity in 2022
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The amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which were voted for last summer by the Russians, at the highest legislative level consolidate family values. Many residents of Russia today want to support domestic traditions, including those related to family relations. In this regard, it is worth finding out when the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity is celebrated in the Russian Federation in 2022.

Russian and International Family Day

The holiday was first celebrated in 2008. The residents of Murom, where Saints Peter and Fevronia lived several centuries ago, who became a real example of a strong Russian family, made a proposal to celebrate the Family Day annually.

Russia has begun to defend and root the concept of a family deeply rooted in Russian Orthodox culture, establishing in 2008 its national holiday dedicated to family values.

Before that, in 1994, the International Day of the Family appeared, which was proposed by the UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali. It is celebrated all over the world on May 15. A new international holiday was established in the Year of the Family, which was proclaimed by a special resolution of the United Nations. After the collapse of the USSR, this international holiday was not widely spread in Russia due to the fact that it did not rely on historical and national traditions.


History of origin

The prototypes of the Orthodox holy couple were the Murom prince David Yuryevich and his wife, Princess Efrosinya, who, according to legend, came from the common people. According to the ancient Russian chronicles, they ruled the Murom principality from 1205 to 1228.

The Church canonized these people who demonstrated the feat of marital fidelity. As a tribute to their memory, a special day was allocated in the church calendar - July 8. Also, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the transfer of the relics of these saints on September 19.

The Murom couple showed in their lives not only an unparalleled feat of marital fidelity, but also became famous as devout believers who spent the last years of their lives in prayer. They were so connected to each other by the bonds of Orthodox marriage and an invisible spiritual bond that they died on the same day.


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Today the relics of these saints are in one of the active Murom monasteries. A large number of young people come to worship them, who wish to receive the blessing of the holy couple, canonized by the Orthodox Church, for their marriage.

It is believed that by playing a wedding on the days dedicated to the Murom holy couple, the newlyweds receive their blessing, and the marriage will be strong. This holiday quickly became widespread in Russia. This is largely due to the fact that since the times of the USSR, the state has been protecting the rights of childhood and motherhood at the legislative level.

Today, the Constitution of the Russian Federation legislates the rights of the family. The law obliges both parents to take care of the upbringing of their minor children. Family law also has clauses that oblige adult children to take care of their elderly parents.

The Orthodox Church has strict laws regarding the marriage union. She has a negative attitude towards divorce. A couple who are married in a church cannot dissolve their marriage without the consent of the holy fathers. Therefore, many spouses, immediately after the wedding or after a long family life, choose a wedding as a ceremony confirming the intention of both spouses to maintain their marital union for the rest of their lives.


Celebration traditions in Russia

Family and Marriage Day is traditionally celebrated every year in Murom and other Russian cities. Its symbol is a simple Russian chamomile - a flower symbolizing love, purity and loyalty.

On this day, entertainment events dedicated to the family are held in different cities of our country:

  • various competitions and contests for children;
  • charity auctions;
  • trade fairs;
  • rewarding large families;
  • festive events for brides and grooms who have chosen this holiday for their wedding;
  • funny contests for husbands and wives.

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In Murom, located in the Vladimir region, a thematic festival is held on this day, which has gained great popularity over the past 12 years. Tourists from other Russian cities come to the festive events lasting several days.

Often holiday concerts are postponed to weekends. Having learned what date the festive events will be held in 2022, tourists from Moscow and other Russian regions can come for the weekend.


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Those Russians and foreign tourists who are interested in knowing when the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity is celebrated in Russia in 2022 should remember:

  1. In Russia, the national Day of the Family is celebrated, which takes its origins from real Russian history and Orthodox tradition.
  2. This day has been celebrated since 2008 throughout Russia. Date - July 8th.
  3. The idea of the holiday is associated with the Orthodox saints Peter and Fevronia, who in Russia are considered the patrons of family and marriage.
  4. These are real personalities who lived in Russia in the XIII century and ruled the Murom principality - Prince David Yuryevich and his wife, Princess Efrosinya.
  5. There is a legend according to which Efrosinya, the daughter of a simple honey collector, was able to cure the prince of ulcers on his body, for which he took her as his wife.
  6. The couple lived a long life, remaining faithful to each other, and died on the same day.
  7. The relics of Peter and Fevronia are kept in the Murom monastery.

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