Singer MakSim's accounts are blocked by the tax
Singer MakSim's accounts are blocked by the tax

Marina Abrosimova, known as the singer MakSim, has been in an artificial coma for more than a week. But this is not the only unpleasant situation that happened to the artist. It turns out that all her bank accounts were blocked by the tax authorities.

Like many other artists, Marina created an individual entrepreneur under her own name. It is easier for individual entrepreneurs to account for their earnings and keep records.

For some unknown reason, the singer did not manage to file a tax return in May this year. The department decided to block all transactions and transfers on accounts for a period until the problem is resolved.

Recall that this is not the first situation when Marina's private entrepreneur comes under the scrutiny of regulatory authorities. So, bailiffs were interested in her art school last year. The reason is the lack of insurance premiums.

However, then the FSS quickly closed the enforcement proceedings on these payments, as it turned out that there was an error. The artist simply did not have time to update the data in time, which led to confusion.

It is not known how the tax issue will be resolved now. Marina is not conscious and cannot decide anything. And who will pay off the millionth bill in front of the clinic is also not clear.

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