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What will the winter of 2021-2022 look like? in Moscow
What will the winter of 2021-2022 look like? in Moscow

Video: What will the winter of 2021-2022 look like? in Moscow

Video: What will the winter of 2021-2022 look like? in Moscow
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The vagaries and surprises of the weather can increasingly be seen in different climatic conditions. The temperate climate is no exception, where cold, prolonged, snowy and frosty autumn-winter periods were certainly listed in the weather. But in recent years, the weather has been breaking all records for lack of snow and warm temperatures even in December. Therefore, on the eve of the new season, people are studying forecasts of what winter will be like in 2021-2022 in Moscow and throughout Russia.

Approximate expectations

What will be the winter in 2021-2022 in Moscow - this question is of interest not only to Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region, but also to those who have planned unforgettable New Year holidays in a beautiful city with an extensive cultural program. But so far, forecasters cannot predict the weather for the winter months with accuracy. One can only guess what to expect, focusing on long-term observations and statistical calculations, although recently it has become increasingly common to focus on temperature drops and precipitation over the next five years.


The climate in Moscow is classified as moderately continental. This means that it is located on the mainland, and the seas and oceans do not have a noticeable effect on weather conditions. This climate is characterized by:

  • change of seasons with a clear distinction between them;
  • sometimes severe frosts in winter, but the average annual temperature is around + 6 ° С;
  • there is also an opposite tendency - frosts go away, a thaw sets in and snow can melt under the influence of a rather high temperature;
  • such changes are typical for the beginning and middle of winter, and February is deservedly called the coldest month of the year.

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The answer to the question of what winter will be in 2021-2022 in Moscow can be looked for in average or maximum values. The lowest winter temperature was -42 ° С, the highest - + 9 ° С. However, over the past 10 years, the picture has changed somewhat, now the employees of the Hydrometeorological Center are guided mainly by the latest data.

Preliminary data

In the regions, the weather bureaus give only 60% of the probability, but the Hydrometeorological Center even has more accurate long-term forecasts, since the equipment is more technological, and it has data for 140 years of observations of the Central Region. Based on the latest data, an approximate forecast for the capital will look like this:

In December, relatively light frosts are expected, up to -6 … -7 ° С, but heavy snowfalls will be expected. Forecasters say that December 2021 will be slightly colder than the previous year, but in general, one should not be afraid of either extreme cold or sudden warming. On New Year's holidays there will be an opportunity to do winter sports. The onset of the New Year can be met in a real Russian winter

  • Strong cold snaps promised by forecasters will affect only Siberia, the Far North and the Urals. In Moscow and Moscow Region there will be cold snaps, but the thermometer will only drop to -15 … -20 ° С several times, and even then at night. There will be less precipitation than in December, although the snow will repeatedly please Muscovites and guests of the city.
  • In February, like every year, one should expect frosts, strong winds, snowstorms and blizzards, but there will be no sudden changes in temperature. It will gradually get colder and, just as smoothly, by the end of winter, a barely noticeable, and then more and more noticeable warming will begin.

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Despite the more favorable conditions for making a long-term forecast at the Hydrometeorological Center, the probability of a correct answer to the question of what winter will be like in 2021-2022 in Moscow is no more than 75%. This is in no way connected with incompetence, rather, with the unpredictability of nature and air currents in the atmosphere.

Folk wisdom

You can focus on the signs accumulated by the people over the centuries. People noted the relationship between natural phenomena, the behavior of birds and animals, and weather conditions:

  • Long and cold winters "portend" vegetables and fruits with thin skin. In this case, acorns, on the contrary, "promise" a cold winter, if they are in a thick shell. This is also evidenced by the tall weeds in late summer and autumn.
  • If there is fog in the mornings in August, there will certainly be heavy winter snowfalls, bees build high combs for them, and ants - anthills above the usual size.
  • Strong cold is evidenced by the growth of thick fur on animals, abundant clusters on mountain ash, and a lot of mushrooms in the forest portends a long winter.

There are other signs, which are already difficult to navigate for the inhabitants of the metropolis, far from nature. Therefore, they can only hope that the winter will be loyal, will not bring either extreme cold weather or snowfalls, which in spring will cause flooding and floods.



  • An ordinary winter is expected in Moscow, without extreme cold and precipitation.
  • In December it will get colder, there will be snow, but short-term thaws may come.
  • In January it will get a little colder, but there will be less precipitation.
  • Temperatures will be low in February, with snowstorms and gusty winds.
  • The long-term forecast does not give 100% certainty, as natural conditions may become unpredictable.

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