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When is the Day of the motorist in 2022 in Russia
When is the Day of the motorist in 2022 in Russia

Video: When is the Day of the motorist in 2022 in Russia

Video: When is the Day of the motorist in 2022 in Russia
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Automobile transport in modern reality is becoming more widespread, so it is not surprising that people who use it for personal purposes or work for a vehicle have their own professional holiday. The full name means that it applies to passenger transport workers and car owners. The question, when is Motorist Day in 2022 in Russia, is often asked by people who are not related to the transport industry, who want to congratulate their relatives, friends or acquaintances.

How did

45 years ago, a Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Armed Forces was adopted on the establishment of the Day of Road Transport Workers. He received additional confirmation after 4 years, with the adoption of the official list of dates, which are now called state dates. In the Soviet period, any work was held in high esteem, there were almost as many professional holidays as there were professions, but practically none of them was a day off. The day of the motorist (or driver) was not tied to a specific date; it was celebrated in mid-autumn, on the last Sunday in October. So the date became familiar and well-established, and none of the changes in the list affected the time of celebration of the Day of Drivers.


Currently, in the post-Soviet space, out of 15 republics, only Belarus and Ukraine celebrate the holiday on the same day. In the rest, it was postponed or canceled.

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5 years after the proclamation of independence, the day of road transport workers was reintroduced by presidential decree. Initially, road workers were also attached to the motorists. In the former Soviet republics, this situation remained, and in the Russian Federation 16 years later, thanks to a presidential decree, the road workers had their own holiday.

In modern Russia, there is also the Day of the Military Motorist, which is celebrated at the end of May, but it was established for drivers who serve in the army and drive specialized vehicles.

The answer to the question when is the Day of the Motorist in 2022 in Russia can sound in two versions - called the last Sunday of October or a specific date. It changes every year, and it is difficult to navigate by the date of the month. But for some people it is easier to determine when to start the preparatory period in order to congratulate the representatives of the profession and motorists.

In 2022, it falls on October 30, coinciding with other significant and memorable dates: the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression, the Day of the Mechanical Engineer, the Day of the Russian Submariner, the date of the establishment of the Navy.



History connoisseurs argue that the answer to the question of what date is Driver's Day should begin with the time immemorial of the invention of the automobile, and even better - with the appearance of the first horse-drawn trams. This is a somewhat controversial statement, because not all people initially liked the invention. Only over time, its indisputable advantages became clear: comfort, speed, the ability to quickly move over long distances.


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The traditions of the holiday include:

  • joint feasts with those who ensure the good technical condition of the vehicle - technicians, mechanics and engineers;
  • a home holiday with congratulations from relatives and friends, symbolic gifts, funny postcards, inviting guests who may not be related to a professional date;
  • auto rallies and auto races, demonstrations of driver skills and aerobatics, extreme driving;
  • exhibitions of vintage cars as a reminder of the enormous achievements of the automotive industry;
  • a day without a rudder, especially a favorite among those for whom driving is a profession.

In 2022, Motorist Day falls on October 30, and in 2023 it will be the 29th, but the timing will not change from this. It will still be the last Sunday in October, the time when drivers of urban, electric, passenger, intercity and international transport will celebrate their professional holiday.



  1. Motorist's Day or Driver's Day is a professional holiday that is widely celebrated in several countries of the post-Soviet space.
  2. It is not tied to a date, but to a day of the week and month.
  3. Celebrated on the last Sunday in October.
  4. In 2022, this is the 30th.
  5. The holiday has rich traditions.

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