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What subjects will be in the 6th grade in the 2021-2022 academic years
What subjects will be in the 6th grade in the 2021-2022 academic years

Video: What subjects will be in the 6th grade in the 2021-2022 academic years

Video: What subjects will be in the 6th grade in the 2021-2022 academic years

Every year, general education schools in Russia undergo various changes aimed at improving the learning process. For example, in 2021-2022. the quantity and quality of subjects in the 6th grade according to the Federal State Educational Standard has changed.

Compulsory subjects for 6th grade

The Ministry of Education has developed the School of Russia program, which includes a list of compulsory subjects for study. They must be taught in all public educational institutions in the country.

The 5th grade was difficult for schoolchildren, as there were more subjects, instead of one teacher, several teachers appeared at once. There will be no such significant changes in the sixth grade.


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Compulsory disciplines for the 6th grade:

  • Russian language - the study of new parts of speech, syntax, punctuation will begin;
  • literature - in the classroom there will be an acquaintance with world and domestic classics;
  • mathematics - work with fractions, a plane of coordinates, negative numbers is planned;
  • history of Russia - children will begin to study the history of Ancient Russia;
  • foreign language - the study of verbs will begin;
  • OBZH - students will begin to study orienteering on the ground, provide first aid, study the rules of behavior in extreme cases;
  • art;
  • physical education.

In these subjects, the school is supplied with all the necessary teaching aids. Parents are not required to purchase additional textbooks, special test books or other materials at their own expense.


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According to the federal standard (FSES) in the 6th grade, the academic year can be 34-35 weeks long. Sixth graders must study no more than 33 hours per week.

New subjects for sixth graders

In the 6th grade, according to the Federal State Educational Standard, new compulsory subjects are introduced: geography, biology, general history, social studies. It depends on the specific school what subjects will be studied in the 6th grade in the 2021-2022 academic years.

All disciplines will be recorded in the diaries of schoolchildren. Some can study as compulsory, others as optional. For example, in Moscow, all general education public schools introduce a second foreign language. There are not enough teachers of French, Spanish, German in the regions. Almost all schools can introduce teaching computer science, but not all institutions have modern equipment.


Often, in the form of additional electives, they open sports sections for basketball, football, and learn to play chess. In some regions with a predominance of schoolchildren of different nationalities, teaching of their native speech and literature is popular. In recent years, children have been interested in studying journalism and ecology.

Excluding summer holidays, students must rest for 30 days during the school year.



Students in the 6th grade are already accustomed to the change in the educational process after elementary school. New school subjects await them in the academic year. You need to check with your school what subjects will be added in the 6th grade in the 2021-2022 school years. Many educational institutions introduce their own additional lessons in coordination with the local education authorities.

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