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What to play with your child at home
What to play with your child at home

Video: What to play with your child at home

Video: What to play with your child at home
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Ask any kid what he loves to do more than anything else, and he will readily answer: "Play!"

When children play on the street, on the playground, they can independently invent games and entertainment for themselves, distribute roles. Mom and Dad can only look after them and sometimes resolve temporary conflicts.


But what if the child does not go to kindergarten or, due to bad weather and frost, sits at home? How to keep your baby busy? As you can imagine, watching cartoons all day is not the best option …

To help you, we have prepared a useful cheat sheet with children's home games.

Games with children under 3 years old


With babies who still under 3 years old, you can organize the following classes:

  • Circle the palm of the crumbs on a sheet of paper.
  • Draw with finger paints or wax crayons.
  • Sculpt from salted dough or special soft plasticine.
  • Hide famous toys in a bag, and let the child guess by touch.
  • Guess which hand the toy is hidden in.
  • Play with in-ear frames.
  • Build a tall tower of blocks until it collapses (much to the delight of the kid).
  • Learn the name of the flowers (use typewriters or colored pencils).
  • Put several toys in front of the child (dolls, cars or kinder surprises). Then the baby turns away, you remove one, and he has to guess which toy is not.

And the kids also love water games! For example, such:

  • Fishing - there are toy fishing rods and fish with magnets in stores.
  • Pour water from a bowl into a bucket with a plastic cup.
  • Catch toys out of the water with a scoop (net, spoon).
  • Launching boats in the bathroom or in a basin.
  • Put water into a cup with a spoon.

Games with children after 3 years

For kids after 3 years offer to play the following interesting games at home:

  • Draw the same thing with different hands;
  • Draw with paints;
  • Magnetic alphabet;
  • Play children's dominoes, bingo, puzzles, checkers with children;
  • Plasticine modeling;
  • Coloring pages;
  • All kinds of games with sets of geometric shapes;
  • Board games for children;
  • Children's bowling;
  • Dice and dice games;
  • Measure with your steps a room or apartment;
  • Nikitin cubes;
  • Divide soft animals into domestic and wild.

Remember and loved ones games from your childhood: "Edible - inedible", "cold - hot".

You can also connect role-playing games: a doctor, a hairdresser, a kindergarten, a store, a school, a house or a daughter-mother.

After 3 years of age, it will be useful for children to organize games for the development of fine motor skills:

  • Collect a pattern from beads, buttons or pebbles;
  • Lay out the "well" from sticks;
  • Come up with a pattern of sticks or matches;
  • String beads on a string (fishing line);
  • Mix multi-colored buttons (beads), and then sort them by color;
  • Play with lacing;
  • Unbutton and button up.

Equally important and games for physical development:

  • Walk like geese or other animals;
  • Walk on all fours;
  • Practice on the Swedish wall;
  • Play volleyball with an inflatable or balloon;
  • Walk with a stuffed toy or book on your head.

As you can see, the list is quite extensive, so you won't be bored.

In fact, games for children are of great importance: they develop thinking, motor skills, teach to follow the rules, and simply bring great joy to the child. Through games, he learns the world around him, and therefore adults should try to choose such games that would also wear a developing shade.

In conclusion, I would like to wish that games and activities with children at home bring you mutual joy!

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