Gosha Kutsenko "ties" with the cinema
Gosha Kutsenko "ties" with the cinema
Video: Gosha Kutsenko "ties" with the cinema
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The beginning of summer is the time of endless social gatherings. And on the days when the capital receives guests of the Moscow Film Festival, there are twice as many of them. Receptions, buffets, gala dinners and social awards from glossy magazines. On Tuesday, June 22, two high-profile social events took place at once, and the "Cleo" correspondent had a chance to visit both.

Top Beauty magazine presented the award to the most beautiful film actors in the fashionable restaurant "Marusya". The event took place within the framework of the Moscow International Film Festival. But as in previous years, the nominees and winners were far from both the Moscow Film Festival and cinema. One of the first to come to the ceremony was the singer Timati with his gang. Bathing in camera flashes, the singer joked that, most likely, he would receive the "Top Hero" award. However, this trophy went to Dmitry Dyuzhev. The rest of the figurines were shared by serial actors and comedy Club graduates. "Top-temptation" of the year was Grigory Antipenko, "Top-character" - Yevgeny Stychkin, "Top-hope" - Garik Kharlamov, and in the "Top-men-story" nomination the best were the actors of the "Quartet" I "theater and their film "What Men Talk About".

Mikhail Galustyan was the last to arrive at the party. For this delay, the hosts of the ceremony Alexander Revva and the actress of the TV series "Univer" Maria Kozhevnikova forced him to speak in the voice of Ravshan from "Our Russia". Only with a good laugh, they summoned their colleague Mikhail Sergei Svetlakov to the stage and gave them a prize in the "Top-Team" nomination.

The winner of the "Top-reincarnation" award also made everyone laugh Yuri Kutsenko… Taking the statuette in his hands, the actor said: “Thank you very much! This is, apparently, Christina Orbakaite, judging by the figure. And I have already visited it …”.

Later, sitting at a table, Yuri Kutsenko confessed to his friends that even if there is a third part of the film "Love-Carrot" and he is offered the main role, he will refuse, because he decided to devote his life to a musical career.

The title "Top-Bad-boy" was awarded, respectively, to the "glamorous bastard" Pavel Volya.

- It took me so long to get this award. Thanks to the director, producer, all relatives and friends, all those who were with me during these difficult moments. This is one of the very first awards in my life. When I receive the Oscar, I will remember this restaurant and this woman,”Volya said, pointing to the gilded figurine.

The TopBeauty Awards ceremony ended pretty soon, and the fun was just beginning at another restaurant in the center of Moscow. The writer and socialite Lena Lenina hosted a Green Day theme party dedicated to vegetarianism. Almost all the stars decided to observe the dress code and appeared in green outfits. At the buffet table, light meals from organic products were served.

- I have been a vegetarian for 5 years, - shared Marina Devyatova. - I think Lena is a great fellow for having arranged such an evening.

All guests were invited to the "star" fashion show: designer Olga Moiseenko created personalized clothes for each participant. When Sergey Zverev came to the podium, no one at first noticed that Sergey Glushko was written on the backpack. And when they noticed, the mistake was quickly corrected and Zverev was handed the correct bag. Lenina attracted a huge number of sponsors for her party, so celebrities were simply showered with gifts: jewelry, creams. And the star, who is always in shock, was presented with a whole chair made of oak. The glamorous stylist was not taken aback and asked the representative of the furniture factory for a bed.

“You need a bed to accommodate two and a half people. Unreal and sexy like myself. In the Rococo and Baroque style, the main thing is not economy class.Gold decoration, like that of Catherine the Great, - Zverev made the order from the stage.

He was promised by oath to fulfill his wish.

Many stars decided to use the party for PR: Alexander Peskov handed out his CDs, Vlad Sokolovsky sang two new songs, and Prokhor Chaliapin presented his first video to the public, in which Lena Lenina played the main role.

- I'm going to shoot another video for a new song, in which Lena will also play the main role. But I'm not even going to release an album. All my songs, and there are about 120 of them, can be found on the Internet, - said Prokhor.

Olga Buzova willingly posed for photographers, hugging Sergei Zverev. Recently, she has turned her attention to a star hairdresser - Olga likes that now she is increasingly asked about what connects her with Zverev himself.

Larisa Dolina and Angelina Vovk, who are not very fond of visiting social gatherings, honored the event with their presence.

- I adore Lena Lenina, when she comes to Moscow, she arranges a real holiday here, - said Vovk. - I came with pleasure today, because Lena has a surprisingly positive energy. I think Lena represents Russian women in Paris with dignity.

The whole evening Angelina Mikhailovna talked with Dolina.

- For me, Larisa is a singer with whom I began my career as a TV presenter. And plus to everything, she has a daughter Angelina, whom Larisa named in my honor. I am very proud of this. And now we are faced with the task of marrying our beauty.

Katya Lel and her sister, Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov with Igor Matvienko, Irina Ortman, Kornelia Mango, Alexander Barykin, Kirill Andreev, Marina Khlebnikova, Lera Kudryavtseva, who appeared without Sergey Lazarev, Anastasia Stotskaya, Evelina Bropledans and many, many others.

The guests dispersed well after midnight, with difficulty carrying huge bags of gifts from sponsors.

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