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Why do you dream of a funeral in a dream
Why do you dream of a funeral in a dream

Video: Why do you dream of a funeral in a dream

Video: Why do you dream of a funeral in a dream
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Any dream is interpreted as a warning. On the path of life, events must occur that a person does not know about. A funeral is dreamed of when it is difficult to communicate with others. The funeral dream warns of a trap situation. But is everything so simple? Let's figure out what else the funeral is about.

Why do you dream of a funeral

The negative meaning of sleep will be when you dream of your own funeral without crying people around. If in a dream no one grieves or weeps, then a blank wall surrounds a person's life. He cannot communicate normally with others, there is no one nearby who could support, advise.

If you dreamed about a rich, luxurious funeral, this is a dubious situation, a loss of dignity.

Modest farewell - luck will smile. A series of problems will give way to an easier life.


If you dream about the funeral of a stranger

Difficulties in relationships lie ahead. Colleagues and relatives will cease to understand. Lack of expression and discomfort at work. A couple in love will experience a series of conflicts based on jealousy.

The funeral of a stranger in a dream is a spiritual uplift in reality. If the person was deserved, there is sadness and great losses ahead.

The funeral of the elder is a symbol of a quiet, peaceful life. Seeing off the young - financial obligations await, which will be difficult to fulfill.


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Why dream about the funeral of a living person

Such a dream guarantees a long and happy life to the sleeping person. All things will go well. If you dreamed about the funeral of an acquaintance, then he will be in good health and well-being.

A spouse's funeral is a sign of a long and happy family life.

To bury alive - to extraordinary events.

The weather plays a role in a dream. Cloudy - health problems. Sunny - long happy life.

Your own funeral is a clue to things to do. Is it worth taking on a dubious enterprise.

Dreaming of their own funeral - you need to reconsider your views, re-prioritize.


Dreaming about the funeral of a living person of a relative

For a woman, this means reconciliation with enemies, friendship with others.

For a man - to win or find. You can find a thing that was very expensive.

To see a living relative in the coffin - problems in agreements, difficult implementation of ideas.

A person unsuccessfully tries to get out of the coffin - he will not be able to resist fate, he will not be able to change anything.

A relative got out of the coffin and ran away - he will be able to change his life.

Buried and sprinkled with earth - a person does not control his fate.


Why dream about the funeral of a deceased person

If in reality you recently had to take part in the funeral procession, then such a dream is a reflection of reality.

If a person died some time ago, you should pay attention to the details of the vision.

Grief, sobbing in a dream are unpleasant events in reality.

Observe without emotion - a favorable event is expected.

The funeral of a deceased child - one must remain inactive. Excessive movement can lead to losses.

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Why dream about the funeral of an already deceased person of a relative

Close people, already dead and buried, often come in dreams. In reality, the person has already said goodbye to his relatives. And in a dream you have to experience everything again. But such dreams speak of a prosperous course of affairs.

The interpretation of the dream about the funeral of already deceased parents guarantees the onset of a white streak. If the funeral took place with dignity and peace, there will be a favorable period ahead.

The deceased father or mother may appear in dreams to warn of negative events. If the funeral in a dream goes smoothly, then everything is fine. If there are any hiccups or someone is trying to tell the dreamer something, you should pay attention to the details.


Father's funeral - financial problems.

Seeing off the mother - danger lies in wait. Risk, dark alleys, extreme sports should be avoided.

Seeing off your deceased grandmother without grief - order in love affairs. Longing and tears - there is no joy from the union.

The funeral of the grandfather - emotional problems, problems with the opposite sex, dissatisfaction.


Dreaming about the wires of a long-dead person

Changes are foreseen, a surge of strength is expected, a new source of inspiration. A funeral in a dream becomes a symbol of new beginnings in reality.

If you dreamed of crying, there is a sad period ahead, sadness, longing. Seeing off without emotions - the situation will be resolved successfully.

For those who have their own business, the interpretation of the dream carries a warning about project failure, losses and losses.

Dreaming of the funeral of strangers in large numbers

For a woman, such a dream leads to a profitable marriage and wealth.

For a man - receiving an unexpected gift.

In reality, communication with people will bring joy, possibly beneficial cooperation. You can expect fun, celebration with a lot of invitees.

The funeral procession prevented someone - in reality, the favor of fate is ensured.

A luxurious funeral is a symbol of prosperity in reality. A poor send-off is a struggle for survival.


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Dream interpretation of sages

According to Freud's dream book, if an unmarried woman dreamed of the funeral of an unknown man, there is a new relationship ahead. A full, happy marriage awaits.

A pregnant woman dreams of seeing off a stranger - it is worth being careful in new connections. One should not rely on others, one must begin to build life itself. To bury a baby in a dream - the birth will be successful, the baby will be born healthy.

If a girl dreamed of the funeral of an ex-boyfriend, in reality you should not wait for a new relationship. Will get bogged down in memories, she will not start up new love.

You need to drop your fears, you should not be afraid of new acquaintances.


A man dreamed of seeing off a woman he knew on a clear day, which means that in reality the union has a new chance. Relationships will be filled with feelings, old grievances will fade into the background.

The man dreamed of the funeral of his beloved on a cloudy day - reproaches, scandals. The couple cannot find a common language. Fears and selfishness come to the fore.

Miller warns: a dream about the funeral of a stranger on a cloudy day - difficulties in communicating with people. The funeral of a relative in a dream in fine weather will be a symbol interpreting good luck and good health.

Seeing off the child - peace and health with loved ones, but friends have problems. A death knell is a harbinger of illness for someone who is not around. Sad news will come. To ring the bell yourself - failures will come, illness is possible.

Vanga encourages you to think: if you are dreaming of your own funeral, the dreamer should think about the way of life. You need to get rid of bad habits.


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Carrying a coffin on your shoulders - there is a possibility of committing a dishonorable act. Vileness can turn friends away.

To nail the coffin lid is a sign of renewal. It's time to leave the past, forget past hobbies.

Velez interprets the dream of a funeral as an imminent marriage. Farewell in a dream guarantees the creation of a new union in reality.

The funeral of the unknown is a dream of gossip. Your own funeral, when a person is in a coffin and at the same time leads the procession - to the fun.



A funeral on a sunny day is a prospect to improve your financial situation. Seeing off into a storm - fatal events will suppress will and faith.

Magnificent goodbyes - you will achieve prosperity. Own funeral - long life, excellent health. Another's funeral is a symbol of well-being.

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