Angelina Jolie is ready for a new operation
Angelina Jolie is ready for a new operation

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Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is mentally ready for a new operation. Last year, the star decided on a double mastectomy due to the high risk of developing cancer. Now Angelina will have to remove her ovaries.

It has already been a year since Jolie had an operation to remove her breasts. As the actress said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, all this time she remembered very well that she had yet another stage - removal of the ovaries.

“I have another operation ahead of me. I communicate a lot with people and hear a lot of useful advice, which, I am sure, will help me get through the next stage,”said the actress. However, when exactly the procedure will be carried out, she did not specify.

Recently, experts warned that preventive oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries) reduces the risk of developing cancer by 80 percent, while in carriers of the BRCA1 mutation (the so-called "Jolie gene"), postponing surgery until 40 years increases the risk of ovarian cancer by 4 percent. A mutation in the BRCA1 gene increases the risk of breast cancer by an average of five times (compared to normal), and the risk of ovarian cancer by 10-30 times.

Earlier, the star said that after the message about the mastectomy performed, hundreds of people approached her with words of support and hundreds to share their stories of the fight against a terrible disease. “Almost everywhere I go, I come across women who are concerned about health issues. We are talking about women's problems, breast cancer, ovarian cancer. I talk with men about the health of their wives and daughters. And I feel closer to people who have also faced this disease. People who have lost their parents, who are thinking about surgery or worried about children. I am amazed at the support and kind words from a huge number of people. It's really exciting."

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