Beautiful love story
Beautiful love story

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Gena is an actor. Good. "Honored" he received a long time ago and on business. We often talked with him when we worked together on television. Now we see each other less often. He recently told the following story.

There is one person. His name is, for example, Andrey. He studied at the Odessa Construction Institute. There was a drama club at the institute, which Andrei attended quite regularly. Classes were held in the premises of one of the local theaters.

After finishing his studies, Andrei became a rather successful businessman and continued to participate in the life of the theater: he regularly helped to solve material problems. He also had a girlfriend. For example, Elena. They met in their student years, but then Andrei was already married, and a serious relationship did not work out. Later she also got married and left Odessa for Moscow. True, they met twice a year in some crazy places, and then they left again. After about ten years, he divorced and invited Elena to marry him. By that time she already had a child, a well-established life in the capital and all that … She refused. But at the same time, they did not stop meeting. Andrey got married a second time …

Cheating in marriage is

Reason for immediate divorce

It's okay, everyone needs to unwind sometimes

Normal, strengthens the family usually

Something that everyone needs to come to terms with and learn to live with

I will forgive if he explains and asks for forgiveness

My favorite pastime

Must remain a secret and everything will be alright

An act I will definitely never do

It was very difficult for me to get over

We discussed and agreed on everything before the wedding

When 29 years have passed since their acquaintance, he decided to give Elena a gift. He wrote a play, invited a good Moscow director, paid for the production. And on the day of the 30th anniversary of their acquaintance, the premiere took place in the same Odessa theater. It was attended by Elena with her husband and adult son (they specially flew from Moscow), and Andrey with his second wife and two daughters …

And the most important thing. Their story unfolded on the stage. From the beginning to the present. How they met, met, quarreled, parted and came to each other when it was really bad …

Gena plays the main role there. In this performance …

I told this beautiful love story to several of my friends. The reactions were very different. Some found it extremely touching, some found it disgusting. One girl said that she hates such stories, because their "main characters", of course, are not bad - romance, bitterness of separation, passion for meetings and all that, but why do they deprive their real families of love? Why break, in fact, the life of those who are near? After all, it is extremely difficult to assume that they are unaware of anything. In general - ugh on such "romantics", weak and irresponsible.

Another girl said she dreams of such a relationship. And he considers Andrey to be a real man.

I will not undertake to argue about who is right here and who is not. I do not know these people at all to judge their actions.

So, without knowing anything, you can invent anything you want. For example, imagine that absolutely all participants in this story are happy.

And, as it seems to me, this is quite real. How can this be? I'll try to explain.

Love is a kind of need. But the needs are very daunting. It is formed under the sauce of upbringing, the influence of the social environment, personal ethics and genetics. And each of us expects something of our own from her.

The Greeks, for example, identified six types of love. It was believed that in each case one of them necessarily prevails over the rest.

Let's try to imagine which of these species could be present within the framework of our love rhombus.

Agape - sacrificial love, altruistic, when the needs of a loved one are more important than your own. This type can be attributed to the heroine's husband, who knows about his wife's relationship, but nevertheless stays with her. He takes pleasure in the fact that he can make his beloved happy, even in such, to put it mildly, strange way.

Pragma is a rational, practical kind of love for a person with whom you will probably be comfortable. This type can be attributed to Andrei's wife. Andrey is a wealthy person, she is confident in her future and the future of her children. And I am ready to close my eyes to his campaigns "to the left", rightly believing that then he will return home anyway. By the way, it is possible that she also has someone. Why not?

The Greeks also singled out mania, love-obsession, when the lover becomes dependent on the object of his feelings. AND storge - strong friendship between lovers.

Ludus is love as a game. And since a relationship is perceived as a game, there can be as many partners as you like. This is about Andrei. He is an adventurer. Personality is creative, addicted. He loves theater, acting, effects. For him, the relationship with the heroine is a breath of fresh air.

Eros is a passion, primarily a physical one. This is the heroine. Elena is a muse for both Andrei and her own husband. Emotions in relation to Andrei are probably brighter, but at the same time she understands that, most likely, they wouldn’t succeed in family life … And love-eros in “guest” mode for her is what the doctor ordered …

I want to believe that all four are really happy. I would venture to suggest that if they began to be friends with families, it would be difficult to come up with a stronger friendship. However, all this is idle speculation.

In fact, I really liked the performance. Here is such a story of beautiful love.

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