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What makes a lock picker different from a locksmith?
What makes a lock picker different from a locksmith?

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Lock problems are some of the most frustrating. It doesn't matter if the lock on the front door of the apartment is broken, in a private car, at the entrance to an office or in a safe, you will in any case face discomfort and hassle.

It is recommended to solve the problem with locks not on your own, even if you have experience in repair, but by attracting specialized craftsmen. Why? Let's tell you now.

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Minimum destructive effects

The basic difference between opening with the hands of a specialist and opening the lock with an ordinary locksmith (or a person with no experience) is the degree of damage to the door and locking device in the process. If an ordinary locksmith will cut, drill and knock out something, then the pros will open the door without brute force, or even without putting a single scratch on the lock, decorative part and fittings.

For a person who has a choice whether to change only the "cylinder" or the entire door after opening the lock, the choice in favor of a professional seems obvious.

In fairness, we note that there are situations when professionals have to resort to destructive techniques, but such situations are rare.

Quick response to the application

Specialized services that provide "lock" services prioritize the speed of response to requests. For Moscow, for example, the average arrival time of the master at the address of the call is about 20 minutes after the confirmation of the application.

It is important that the dispatcher and duty teams work around the clock and seven days a week, knowing that you can lose keys or break the lock at any time of the day or night. Thus, taking into account the waiting time, on average, it is possible to solve the problem with a serial lock within 30-60 minutes after calling the service.


Range of services

Even if a locksmith from the nearest housing and communal services, by a happy coincidence, can open the lock quickly and with only minor damage, he will definitely not be able to perform specific work that only masters of specialized services can do.

We are talking about opening and installing car locks, about electromechanical and electronic models of locking devices, about safes, after all. An ordinary locksmith is unlikely to tell you which lock should replace the outdated model, and he certainly will not bring it to the call with him. In contrast to the service master of a narrow "lock" specialization.

Also, only the master is able to install a new lock immediately after opening, and if necessary, then perform preparatory welding and locksmith work.

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