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When to paint eggs for Easter in 2021
When to paint eggs for Easter in 2021

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Christ's Sunday is a joyous event for all Orthodox Christians. It is important to properly prepare for it. This includes knowing when to paint eggs for Easter 2021.


Believers know the meaning of festive dishes. For many, baking Easter cakes and decorating eggs are considered family traditions that are passed down from one generation to the next.

An egg that has been painted or pasted over symbolizes the sun and life. But it turns out that the festive food has its own meaning.

The eggs, originally red, are considered a symbol of true faith. According to legends, the egg acquired such a color in the hands of the Emperor Tiberius when Mary Magdalene told him about the good news - the Resurrection of the Savior. He noted with a grin that the dead cannot come to life, just as the white egg will not turn red. And it really changed color.

There is also a second version that it was at the meal of the Jews. One of those present expressed doubt that Christ would come to life on the third day after the execution, as he himself said. This is impossible, just as a white egg cannot turn red. And then the incredible happened - the shell acquired the same color as the blood spilled on the cross.

Folk traditions

Holy Week, which comes before Easter, includes many important events. At this time, fasting is required, as well as preparation for the holiday. Housewives need to have time to make dough, bake baked goods.

It is important to know what number it is recommended to paint eggs. It is best to do this on Maundy Thursday, which falls on April 29 in 2021. It is advisable to do this kind of work when everything is clean at home.

It is better to choose a natural dye for coloring the eggs. It was he who was used by our ancestors.

Eggs are stained with:

  • beets;
  • onion peels;
  • paprika;
  • dried nettle;
  • berries - cranberries, blueberries;
  • coffee;
  • spinach.

Artificial colors and stickers are also used. Eggs are also decorated with beads, sparkles, sequins. Wax crayons are also used. Drawing is done with a needle, awl, scribe.

But not everyone knows which day it is better not to make preparations. It is advisable not to do this on Good Friday. This is the day of sorrow, the recitation of prayers. It is believed that even laughter can invoke tears for the whole year. Working on this day is considered a sin, and giving to the poor is encouraged.

Although it is believed that Friday is suitable for preparing for the holiday. Treats prepared on this day will have strong medicinal properties.

Great Saturday is also suitable for preparing for the holiday. You just need to take into account some of the nuances - there are many temptations for a person who is fasting: I want to try baked goods.

What the clergy think

You should not divide Holy Week into important and unimportant stages. You just need to focus on the spiritual. It is advisable to finish cooking as soon as possible.

According to the clergy, training can begin at the beginning of the week. This is precisely the rule that is followed in monasteries where large amounts of food are prepared; it is difficult to do this in a couple of days.

It doesn't matter when to paint holiday eggs for Easter in 2021. You just need to do it with good thoughts and a kind soul. Preparation can be done on any convenient day.

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