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New ideas on how to paint eggs for Easter
New ideas on how to paint eggs for Easter

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You can paint eggs for Easter in onion skins or simply stick a colorful wrapper on them. But all these are options for the lazy, but for creative people, we have prepared new ideas and ways.

Egg staining options

Many do not know, but egg coloring implies several subspecies:

  • dyes - eggs are painted in one tone;
  • specks - eggs are painted in one tone with the addition of brighter blotches or lines of a different shade;
  • drapanki - coloring eggs in one tone, and then an ornament is applied to them with a thin needle or other sharp device;
  • Easter eggs - eggs are painted by hand, patterns are applied with a brush.

When choosing any dyeing method, it is important to know that the paint will not spread evenly over the surface of the shell if the eggs are not properly prepared. And before boiling them, the eggs need to be washed well, rubbed with alcohol, and then wiped dry with a paper towel or napkin.

We paint eggs in rainbow colors

With the help of ordinary dyes, you can paint eggs for Easter in rainbow colors. We will tell you at once two ways of such a new idea of ​​staining, they are easy and affordable.

You will need:

  • food coloring (liquid);
  • sponge;
  • pins;
  • paper napkins.

What do we do:

To begin with, we set to boil the eggs, and at this time we will prepare the materials for coloring. We take liquid food coloring of red, blue and yellow, as well as three bowls of water. We add dyes to them and stir, act as written in the instructions

To dry eggs from a sponge and pins, we make a stand. For the first method, take a hot egg, dry it with napkins

  • We hold the egg at an angle and dip it in red dye, the egg should be partially colored, about 1/3.
  • We are waiting for 1-2 minutes. Then we take out the egg, remove the drop of paint with a napkin, put it on the stand and let the paint dry completely.
  • Now we also partially lower the egg for 1-2 minutes in yellow paint, remove the excess with a napkin, dry it on a stand.
  • Then we dip the egg in blue paint, after 2 minutes we take it out and dry it.

For the second method, we put gloves on our hands, add more dye to the water to make the color more saturated

We wrap the egg in a napkin and, using a spoon or syringe, alternately apply red, yellow and blue paint

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Press the napkin tightly against the shell and leave the egg on the stand for 10 minutes for better staining. Then we remove the napkin and get a marble rainbow egg, which, unlike the first method, does not have such clear lines, the pattern is obtained with soft transitions

How to paint eggs for Easter without dyes

For Easter, you can paint eggs without dyes. And we are talking about decoupage technique. Easter eggs turn out to be very beautiful, delicate, light. But you can make them brighter, it all depends on what pattern will be chosen for decoupage.

What you need:

  • napkins with patterns;
  • egg white;
  • brush.

What do we do:

Boil the eggs and dry them well with napkins

Remove the topmost layer with the pattern from the colorful napkin and tear it into the desired fragments

We apply the first fragment to the egg, dip the brush into the protein and coat it over the entire surface, be sure to smooth out all the folds

Then we apply the second fragment and also fix it on the surface of the shell with an egg white. And so we glue fragment by fragment

Then we leave the egg until it dries completely

For gluing napkins, you can use not only egg white, but also starch paste, so the decor will be more reliable. To do this, pour 100 ml of water into a microwave container, add 1 tbsp.a spoonful of starch, stir and put in the microwave for 20 seconds, then stir, then set for another 15 seconds and a third time for 10 seconds.

Chameleon painting of eggs

If you are looking for new ideas to paint eggs for Easter, but we suggest you the chameleon technique. Its peculiarity is that the color never turns out to be the same, every time it will be unique.

What you need:

  • food colorings;
  • vegetable oil;
  • napkins.

What do we do:

In any convenient container, we dilute food colors of different colors in water according to the instructions on the package

Pour 1 tbsp into each. spoon of vegetable oil, stir

Now we take a boiled egg and dip it into each dye one by one

Then we put it on a plate and give the colored eggs time to dry completely

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Thanks to this dyeing technique, Easter eggs are pearlescent, multi-colored, rather unusual and beautiful.

Golden easter eggs

You can decorate the festive table for Easter with real golden Easter eggs. This new idea for dyeing eggs will especially appeal to those who love to get creative. It is very easy to paint eggs in the color of gold, but for this you have to purchase a special material - gold.

What you need:

  • gold leaf;
  • water;
  • egg white;
  • 2 soft brushes.

What do we do:

Pre-boil the eggs, cut the potal into small random pieces

We take an egg and grease half of it with egg white

Then we apply a piece of potal to the egg, take a second brush, moisten it in water and glue the golden material to the shell with smooth movements

We put the egg on a napkin, let it dry, and at this time you can do other eggs

As soon as the leaf on one side dries up, grease the other side with egg white and also glue the leaf material to it. Leave the eggs to dry completely

It is better to decorate eggs in this way with gloves, so the potal will stick less to your hands, because the material is very thin.

Painting eggs with rice

You can use rice to paint eggs for Easter. The method is very interesting, and Easter eggs are speckled, which makes them so unusual and beautiful.

What you need:

  • dye 4 colors;
  • water;
  • vinegar (9%);
  • 500 g of rice.

What do we do:

We wash the eggs well, put them in a saucepan, fill them with water, add salt and cook from the moment they boil for 10 minutes

At this time, we will prepare everything for painting. To do this, take 4 bags and pour 120 g of rice into each

Pour 3 tsp into a bowl. hot water, pour out the dye of the same color, pour in 1 teaspoon of vinegar and stir everything. And so we will prepare all the dyes of other colors

Now pour the dye into the rice and distribute it evenly over the rice grains

Do not cool the finished egg, immediately put it in a bag with colored rice, twist it so that the grains of cereal completely cover it

Let the eggs lie quietly for 2 minutes, then unfold

We take out the egg, remove the rice from it and put it on a napkin, let it dry completely

For coloring, we use eggs immediately after boiling them, since hot shells better accept color, the paint lays down smoother and richer.

Marble Easter eggs without brilliant green

Marble eggs turn out very beautiful, for coloring which some housewives use brilliant green. But there are other, newer ideas and ways thanks to which you can paint eggs for Easter without such a coloring agent.

What you need:

  • onion peel;
  • blueberry;
  • vegetable oil;
  • nylon fabric;
  • threads.

What do we do:

Chop the onion husk very finely

We first take the egg out of the refrigerator so that they do not burst during the cooking process. Dip in a bowl of water, and then roll in onion skins

We place the egg in a nylon fabric, tighten it tightly and tie it with a thread

Grind the blueberries in a blender.Then pour into a saucepan, put eggs, fill with cold water and put on fire

After boiling, cook the eggs for 10 minutes

We remove the tissue from the eggs, remove the husk and while the eggs are still warm, grease them with any vegetable oil

Berries can be replaced with red cabbage, it gives the same color as blueberries. You can also boil the egg a little in a decoction with turmeric, and then also in a decoction with blueberries, you get an unusual color.

Easter spotted eggs

Children especially like to paint eggs for Easter, because it is so exciting and interesting. We would like to offer another idea for dyeing eggs, which will definitely appeal to little cooks, namely, we will dye eggs with polka dots.

What you need:

  • dyes (tablets);
  • vinegar;
  • water;
  • cotton buds.

What do we do:

In one container we put half a pill of the same color, in another container also half a pill, only of a different color

Pour in dyes for 0.5 teaspoons of vinegar

Pour more water into the main color, only 1 tbsp into the other dye. spoon to make the color more saturated, mix

Now, preferably in a container with the main color, we lower the freshly boiled egg, since the coloring pigments are absorbed very quickly into the hot shell, the paint dries quickly and does not spread

As soon as the egg dries, we take a cotton swab, dip it in a dye of a different color and put dots on the surface of the egg. Let the spotted Easter eggs dry completely

When painting, it is better to combine dark and light colors, for example, yellow and green, light blue and dark blue, yellow and blue, orange and red.

There are other new ideas on how else to paint eggs for Easter. So, you can get beautiful patterns using ordinary threads. Eggs turn out to be very elegant if they are dyed using fabrics with a bright pattern. You can simply attach a stencil to the egg, wrap it with gauze and boil it in any dye.

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