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We paint eggs with turmeric for Easter at home
We paint eggs with turmeric for Easter at home

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By Easter, food colors appear in stores to give eggs a certain color, but they can be dangerous to human health. Some store-bought compounds cause allergies, others - digestive disorders. It is best to use natural dyes, the most common of which is turmeric. How to paint eggs with turmeric at home: recipes with photos.

How to prepare for dyeing eggs

Turmeric is a persistent, difficult to wash off color. This is good for eggs, because it will be difficult to accidentally remove the paint from the shell, but for hands and dishes it will not. The pan in which the eggs will be boiled or soaked will definitely turn yellowish.

Therefore, there are several recommendations:

  1. In a recipe for dyeing already boiled eggs, use only clear glass glasses. Porcelain cups and mugs will be difficult to clean even with baking soda.
  2. If it is more convenient to simultaneously boil and paint eggs, then prepare a pan or bowls made of stainless steel, in no case enameled, for cooking. It is advisable that the pan was not "ceremonial". Even steel can be difficult to remove from turmeric.

It is also recommended to wear rubber gloves before starting the procedure. Then you don't have to wash your hands for a long time.

The first recipe below involves dyeing eggs that are still raw. They are dipped in tinted boiling water and boiled, and at the same time they acquire the golden hue of turmeric. If eggs are sent directly from the refrigerator to boiling water, they will crack.

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To prevent this, they should be removed about an hour before cooking and left on the table. There is also an express option - 10 minutes before boiling, place the eggs just taken from the refrigerator into warm, but not hot water. Within the allotted time, they will reach room temperature.

When boiling in water, it is recommended to add 1 tablespoon of salt per 1 liter. It is necessary so that the protein, if the egg does crack, does not come out of the shell. It is also recommended to add vinegar to the broth. It ensures an even distribution of the colorant.

Preparing the eggs themselves:

  1. Lightly rub the shell with the hard side of a sponge dipped in a solution of laundry soap. This will get rid of dirt, as well as the stamp that is on all store eggs.
  2. Rub the eggs with vinegar. It will degrease the surface, which will allow the paint to lay down more evenly. Also vinegar (6% solution should be used) helps to remove the stamp. If it is still visible on the shell, do not be upset - when boiling, the seal will completely disappear.

The eggs must be white, otherwise you won't be able to achieve a yellow tint with turmeric.

After the preparatory steps, you can start choosing a recipe for how to paint eggs with turmeric at home.

Recipe one: with raw eggs

In this case, the hostess kills two birds with one stone: she boils the eggs and gives them a shade. The recipe is good if you urgently need to prepare a dozen eggs for the Easter table. But it has a significant drawback - the eggs will be colored pale yellow, not rich gold.

For the recipe, you will need 20 grams of turmeric (standard package of spices) per 1 liter of water and 6% vinegar at the rate of 1 tbsp. l. per liter of liquid. You can add salt to prevent the protein from spilling out of the shell when cracking.

Step-by-step recipe on how to dye eggs with turmeric at home with boiling:

  1. Put a saucepan over medium heat, and while the water is still cold, pour the required amount of turmeric into the container. Mix.
  2. When the water boils, reduce heat to low and gently dip the eggs into the water.It is recommended that you use a spoon or slotted spoon to prevent them from cracking when hitting the bottom.
  3. After laying the eggs, add the vinegar. Stir the liquid gently, being careful not to touch the eggs. If the spoon touches them, ugly stains may remain on the shell.
  4. After 10-15 minutes, turn off the stove and carefully remove the eggs. Place on a paper towel and dry naturally.

You cannot wipe the eggs after boiling. The newly applied colorant may come off due to mechanical stress. The dried Easter treat can be swirled gently in your palms dipped in vegetable oil. It will give the shell a beautiful shine.

If you want the color to be more saturated, after turning off the stove, you can not get the eggs out of the broth. Let the liquid cool, and then place the pot with it and the eggs in the refrigerator for 12 hours. During this time, the surface will be painted in a more noble golden color.

Recipe two: coloring already boiled eggs

It is easier to color already boiled eggs - you can not be afraid that they will crack during the cooking process, and the protein will acquire the color of the dye. In addition, this method allows you to get a richer shade of the shell. It should be used if there is at least 12 more hours before the holiday. This is exactly how much is needed for the shell to absorb the shade.

Step-by-step actions:

  1. Add turmeric to water in proportions of 20 grams per 1 liter. Put the container on the stove, keep on medium heat for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Strain the liquid through a sieve: this will filter out lumps of turmeric that did not dissolve during cooking. Allow to cool.
  3. Place eggs in the broth at the rate of 200 ml of liquid - 1 egg. If you do not have a large container for dyeing several eggs at once, you can place them in separate cups. Leave on for 12 hours.

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After the specified time has elapsed, you need to act as in the previous recipe - let the eggs dry without wiping them, grease with vegetable oil. You can also use a cooking brush to do this, making sure that no excess oil builds up.

Turmeric + red cabbage - for coloring green

This recipe with a photo will tell you how to dye your eggs with turmeric at home and get a green hue of the shell. Those who paint eggs with natural dyes every year are used to muted shades - beige, red, yellow.

With the help of white cabbage, the shell can be given a blue hue, and if you mix its decoction with dissolved turmeric, then it is soft green.

First, you should boil separately the red cabbage and the liquid with the turmeric dissolved in it. The cooking time for each solution is 2-3 minutes. After cooling, strain the liquids and mix in equal proportions, mix thoroughly. The result is green water. The eggs are left in it for 12 hours.

How to decorate eggs additionally?

Yellow, golden, green eggs look beautiful, but not diverse enough. If you want to give the festive table an even more aesthetic look, you can use simple decor options.

Look great on eggs painted in muted natural colors, leaf prints. To make them, you need to collect young and clean leaves from the street or pick up some dill, parsley or cilantro. The leaves are straightened and applied to the eggs, then the egg is immersed in a nylon stocking and pulled together with a thread. The nylon stocking will allow the dye to pass through, but the sheet will not, and after staining, the surface under it will remain white.

Eggs dyed with rice will come out very beautiful. Rice should be dipped in different dyes (decoction of turmeric, red cabbage, onion husks, hibiscus). Then, when it absorbs the dye, mix rice of different colors in one container and dip the boiled eggs into it. Close the container, shake gently. The rice will leave small, colorful prints on the shell.

If you have beautiful napkins with floral, Easter or other original motives at home, you should try decoupage. It is recommended to use egg white instead of glue.

The easiest decoration option is to tie the eggs with threads. White traces will remain under them, and when the threads are removed, a beautiful strip pattern will open.


So, there are several ways how to dye eggs with turmeric at home, following the recipes with the photo:

  1. Boil eggs in turmeric solution.
  2. Leave the boiled eggs in turmeric-tinted water for 12 hours.
  3. Mix turmeric with another natural dye and let the egg brew in the resulting broth.

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