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Easter paper crafts with templates in 2022
Easter paper crafts with templates in 2022

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Paper crafts for Easter in 2022 are a great opportunity for the whole family to jointly participate in preparing for the Bright Day, while the kids will be able to get to know the history and traditions of the holiday better. We offer interesting master classes with templates that will appeal to children and adults.

Beautiful greeting card for Easter

There are many different greeting cards you can make for Easter 2022. These are the simplest crafts that are easy to do with your own hands with your children. There are so many interesting ideas with simple master classes and templates.


  • colored paper;
  • kraft paper;
  • scissors, glue;
  • pencil;
  • glue eyes with a diameter of 7 mm;
  • black marker;
  • templates.

Master Class:

For the craft, we will prepare all the materials, as well as templates for two parts of the ears and a heart that will serve as a spout

  • We take a blue sheet, connect the two sides together, fold the sheet in half, cut it into two halves.
  • We put one half of the sheet aside for now, on the other we fold two sides to the middle, iron the folds well.

From the second half of the blue sheet, according to the template, we will prepare two parts of the large ear

Then we cut out two parts of small ears and a heart according to the template from pink paper

  • Now we glue the pink ears on the blue ones, and then glue them on the base of the postcard.
  • We close the card and glue a pink heart on one half, glue only half of the part with glue.
  • Cut out two strips from kraft paper with any pattern (you can take paper with polka dots) and glue them to the bottom of the postcard.
  • We put small eyes on the glue. With a black thin marker, draw a dotted line around the contour of the nose, draw a smile and antennae.

For the postcard, it is advisable to choose good quality paper that will not tear. In addition, good colored paper has rich, bright colors, so the craft will turn out to be very beautiful.

Easter paper chicken

You can make an Easter chicken out of paper using the origami technique; you don't need any templates or even glue. We just follow the photo with the assembly diagram step by step and as a result we get a beautiful craft for Easter.

Master Class:

  • For crafts, you need a square sheet of one-sided yellow colored paper. The size can be any.
  • Fold the sheet diagonally. We turn the resulting triangle upward at a right angle. We connect the side and bottom sides.
  • At the extreme point of the bend, we make a notch and bend the corner to the resulting point. Smooth the fold line.
  • Bend the second lower corner to the top point of the resulting fold line.
  • We turn the workpiece with an angle downward, bend the wing of the future chicken to the side, fix the fold.
  • We bend the second wing symmetrically to the side.
  • We turn the craft over to the other side, from corner to corner we bend the corner to the top of the sheet upward, smooth the fold.
  • Bend the upper corner to the resulting fold line, bend the resulting upper edge to the same line.
  • We unfold the resulting folds, and then fold them with an accordion.

We turn the craft over to the other side, bend the bottom corner up. We also bend the other extreme corners to give the craft the shape of an egg

  • The side corners were bent, now we bend the upper corners a little.
  • With a black marker, draw the eyes and eyelashes for the chicken, and the beak with red.

To quickly master the initial stages of origami, it is better to use single-sided paper, it will be easier to navigate with it when folding.

The best Easter paper crafts

From the many options, you can choose the most interesting things that can be made of paper for Easter in 2022.We suggest making more than one craft with templates, but several at once. It will be an Easter basket, a napkin bunny and a postcard with a chicken.

Master Class:

  • For a postcard, we take half of a standard A4 sheet. There should be white paper on one side and yellow on the other.
  • On the sheet, on one side we make marks of 2 cm, and on the other side - 6 cm.
  • We fold the paper using the marks and draw an egg at random, but you can also use a template to make the postcard neat. Cut along the lines.
  • Now we draw the shell in the form of small triangles and cut it out along the lines.
  • Then, with a simple pencil, we draw the chicken itself: large eyes, a beak, a forelock and wings, we paint.
  • The postcard is ready, all that remains is to sign it.
  • Now we make bunnies from ordinary napkins, we choose colors to our taste.
  • We open the napkin, fold it in half along the long side, then fold the right side to the vertical fold, and also the second.

Bend the bottom edges to the center point, and then bend the bottom edge to the vertical on one side and the other

  • We bend the upper triangle in the opposite direction, fold the part into a ring and fill one of the corners into the valve.
  • On the other hand, you should get ears, which we straighten and make a muzzle.
  • For the Easter basket, we take a regular sheet of paper of any color, cut out a square.
  • Divide the square sheet into three equal parts and fold the paper according to the marks.
  • We unfold the square, also divide it into three equal parts and add it according to the marks.
  • To the central square, we make cuts on one side and the other.
  • We assemble the basket, raise the two middle valves to the center, and connect and glue the side valves.
  • We cut out a not very wide strip from paper - this will be a handle, which we glue to the basket.
  • We decorate the basket with flowers cut from ordinary colored paper.

The basket can be made of cardboard, so it will turn out to be more durable and you can put Easter eggs or sweets in it.

Explosive box for Easter

If you want to do something unusual with your own hands, we suggest making an explosive box. This is not just a paper craft, but the best Easter gift in 2022. The proposed master class with templates is very interesting and exciting.

Master Class:

We draw a square sheet of blue cardboard with dimensions of 21 × 21 cm, as in the photo

  • Cut out the squares in the corners and, for beauty, round the corners with scissors.
  • Bend along all four lines - and the first element is ready.
  • Now we take two green squares with dimensions of 14 × 14 and 13.5 × 13.5 cm. Draw lines as shown in the photo.
  • Take a larger square, cut out four squares in the corners.
  • Cut out the grass on all sides with sharp triangles, and then bend all sides with a ruler.

Now we take the next square and cut out triangles in the corners, then we make grass, except for the corners. We bend the corners and all sides

  • So that the corners are not visible because of the grass, we cut them off from all sides and glue the box with ordinary glue or fasten it with a stapler.
  • Now we glue all the elements to each other, decorate the inner walls of the box with any decor. You can cut small flowers and butterflies from colored paper.
  • For the lid of the box, you will need two squares measuring 15, 5 × 15, 5 and 7, 5 × 7, 5 cm. We draw them, as in the photo.
  • We carefully cut out small squares, crossed out inside with a cross, with a clerical knife.
  • Between them we insert transparent windows measuring 7, 5 × 7, 5 cm. They can be cut out of a plastic container, file or a regular notebook cover.
  • Cut out triangles in a large square with holes in the corners.
  • Around the cut hole, namely from the inside, we apply glue and glue the window.
  • Pour small flowers cut out of paper on the window, glue the second window and the remaining square on top.
  • We bend all the lines, spread the triangles with glue and glue the lid.
  • We fill the box (you can put Easter eggs) and close.

It is not at all difficult to make a box, the main thing is to bend all sides carefully and exactly along the lines.

Easter paper toys

Together with the little ones, you can make Easter toys for Easter in 2022. The master class with templates is very simple, the little craftsmen will definitely like it, and they can present the crafts to their grandparents.

Master Class:

  1. On pink paper, draw an egg 10 cm high and 7.5 cm wide, but the size can be any.
  2. We fold the sheet in half and cut it out, as a result we get two eggs at once.
  3. Draw a zigzag on one egg (in its upper part), cut it off.
  4. We put the broken half of the egg on the yellow cardboard, make marks to draw a chicken. It should be narrower than the egg itself.
  5. We also make a mark at the bottom of the egg, then apply the top and make another mark.
  6. We do not remove the upper shell, under it we draw eyes, a head, a beak, cheeks and two simple wings, cut out.
  7. Glue the broken small shell to the chicken.
  8. Draw any ornament on the egg.
  9. We connect the two parts of the egg, turn it over and in the lower part we make marks on the border of the chicken, cut it off.
  10. Glue a stick to the chicken (you can take from ice cream or glue two strips of colored paper together).
  11. Apply glue along the edge of the broken half. We do not touch only the middle so that the stick can move. We glue the second whole half of the egg.

Instead of a chicken, you can draw a bunny, paint an egg with felt-tip pens, watercolors and decorate with any decor.

Kawaii rabbit

To decorate the Easter table, you can make an egg holder in the shape of rabbits. Crafts turn out to be very interesting, funny and even cute.

Interesting! How to paint eggs for Easter 2022 in onion peels and brilliant green

Master Class:

  1. Take a 17x17cm square sheet of paper of any color and fold it into a triangle.
  2. We open the square and fold it back into a triangle, only in the opposite direction.
  3. We fold the upper right corner to the point of intersection of the lines, then the upper left corner, iron all the folds well.
  4. We bend the lower corners to the center point and also fix the bends.
  5. Turn the figure over, fold it in half, open it and fold it in half to the other side.
  6. Then we fold it into a triangle in one direction and then in the other direction.
  7. We bend the two sides inward so that we get a double rhombus.
  8. Now open the pockets and fold one side in half.
  9. Turn the part over to the other side, open the pockets and fold it in half.
  10. On one side of the figure, bend the right and left sides to the center line, also bend the upper corners a little. We repeat the steps from the reverse side.
  11. Now draw a cute face with a black marker, carefully open the stand and bend the ears a little.

Origami master classes for toddlers should consist of no more than 10 steps.

Easter is a wonderful spring holiday. The whole family needs to prepare for it: bake cakes together, paint eggs and, of course, do crafts with their own hands. Such toys can be used to decorate a festive table, your rooms, or presented as a gift to those closest to you.

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