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When is Photographer's Day in 2022 in Russia
When is Photographer's Day in 2022 in Russia

Video: When is Photographer's Day in 2022 in Russia

Video: When is Photographer's Day in 2022 in Russia
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Today the profession of a photographer is widespread all over the world, because photography is used in various spheres of modern life. Everyone who has associated themselves with this profession can celebrate their professional holiday. To do this, you just need to find out when the Day of the Photographer will be celebrated in 2022 in Russia.

Features of the Photographer's Day

Since the Soviet era, professional holidays have become widespread, which usually do not have a fixed date and are celebrated on a specific day of the month. Professional days of a particular specialty should emphasize the importance and importance of the profession in modern society.

The day of the photographer was never celebrated in the USSR, since the profession had no industry significance. This professional holiday began to be celebrated in Russia relatively recently by all photography lovers who are engaged in photography professionally or who devote their free time to this occupation.


The holiday came to Russia from the United States, where it has been officially celebrated since the 20th century and has the support of the president. If the Soviet industry professional holidays in the national calendar always fall on a certain Sunday and can have a sliding date, then the professional holiday of the photographer with American roots is always celebrated on the same day - July 12. In different years, dates fall on different days of the week.

In the near future, this holiday will be celebrated:

  • Tuesday in 2022;
  • Wednesday 2023
  • on Thursday in 2024, etc.

Knowing what date and on what day of the week there will be such a holiday in the coming years, representatives of the photographer's workshop and everyone who is interested in photography can already plan an event for the coming years. This will attract a large number of people seeking to become better acquainted with the art of photography.

In addition to the Day of the Photographer, which came from the United States and is celebrated today in several European countries, there is the World Day of the Photographer, which is celebrated on August 19.

Today anyone can become a photographer thanks to the massive proliferation of mobile phones, with the help of which you can easily take good pictures, having received even a minimal skill in photography.


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Photographers Day Traditions

American Photographer's Day is dedicated to the day of the Catholic Saint Veronica. The description of her life and Christian exploit tells that Veronica was with Christ during his entire journey of the Cross to Calvary. It was she who wiped his face with a handkerchief, removing sweat and blood from his face, after which the face of the Savior appeared on the handkerchief.

Pope Leo VIII signed a bull in which Saint Veronica became the patroness of all who can depict people's faces and surrounding objects on canvas or paper. After the appearance of photography, this date became known as Photographer's Day in the United States.

On this day, in different countries of the world, communities of photographers open photo exhibitions, hold festivals and competitions dedicated to photography, identify the best masters of their craft.


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History of photography

Few people today know that the first photograph was created in 1826 by the French scientist Joseph Nicefort Neps, who superimposed several negatives on top of each other. To take the very first photograph on earth, in the 19th century, it took as much as 8 hours. At the same time, the image turned out to be fuzzy and blurry.

In 1861, English physicist and mathematician James Maxwell created a method for taking color photographs. Due to the difficulty of obtaining a color image, this technique was not widespread, so the second half of the 19th century, photographs were painted by hand.

Since 1873, photographic plates were used, which included silver, which made it possible to obtain better quality black and white photographs. A great contribution to the creation of color photography technology was made by the German Adolf Mite, and his student from Russia Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky created and patented the technology of color photography by passing the image through the red spectrum. He also came up with technology that allows you to take pictures at low shutter speeds and increase the circulation of pictures. Using his inventions, Prokudin-Gorsky created a numerous series of photographs of tsarist Russia. In the early years of the 20th century, with the support of the Russian Tsar, he made an expedition to different regions of the empire, which he was able to capture with the help of his inventions.


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The invaluable archive of Russian photographer Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky is now kept in the Library of Congress.

In the 20th century, photography became widespread thanks to the development of technology. As a result, in addition to cameras that have significantly decreased in size, mobile gadgets have appeared that allow you to take high-quality amateur photographs.



For those who want to celebrate Photographer's Day next year, you need to remember:

  1. This professional holiday has no official status in Russia.
  2. The birthplace of Photographer's Day is the United States, where this professional holiday is supported by the President.
  3. Photographers Day is always celebrated at the same time - July 12th.

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