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When is Submariner's Day in 2022
When is Submariner's Day in 2022

Video: When is Submariner's Day in 2022

Video: When is Submariner's Day in 2022
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Employees of the Russian Navy always celebrate their professional holiday on the same day. Since the date is not rolling, and in 2022 it will not change, remembering when is the Submariner's Day is not at all difficult.

The history of the appearance of the holiday

Emperor Nicholas II became the first founder of the holiday, issuing in 1906 a decree adding a new type of ships to the classification. At the same time, 10 submarines were officially introduced into the navy of the Russian Empire. For the first time, the submarines declared themselves during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, which prompted this decision.

The October Revolution influenced many holidays and memorable dates, including the Day of the Sailor. Only 90 years later, or rather, on July 15, 1996, the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Felix Nikolayevich Gromov, signed a decree on the revival of the holiday. Since then, Submariner's Day has been celebrated annually on March 19.


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The top officials of Russia traditionally congratulate all those involved in the submarine fleet. The command rewards employees, confers military ranks, presents certificates of honor, and valuable gifts are given to the most distinguished sailors. In honor of the submariners, festive events and concerts are held.

At the meetings of veterans, it is customary to remember the service in the navy and to commemorate the fallen comrades who gave their lives for the Motherland.

In the church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, located in the city of Sestroretsk, a prayer is being held for the health of submariners. A reconstruction of the battle of the Marine Corps takes place at the wall of memory.


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In addition to the usual traditions, sailors have their own customs and signs:

  • Tattooing on the body - it is believed that it is thanks to them that sailors return home safe and sound.
  • To drop an object overboard by accident is a shipwreck. Therefore, in such cases, the sailors do their best to catch it and return it on board. The rule does not apply to items discarded on purpose.
  • In the house of English sailors there was always a black cat. It was believed that this animal brings happiness and is responsible for good weather during sea travel. While the diver is at sea, the family should take good care of the cat.
  • When the naval team crossed the equatorial border, it was customary to celebrate the Day of Neptune. Experienced sailors put newcomers to the test to help bring the newcomer to life on the ship.

Some traditions are observed by the navy to this day.


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Interesting Facts

The warriors guarding the Motherland are doing their duty with honor. The safety of citizens depends on the vigilance, courage and professionalism of submariners. There are many interesting facts about the profession of submariners:

  • For the first time, submarines took part in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905.
  • The first submarine was launched in the USA in 1954.
  • The submarine's deepest diving reaches 1027 m. In 1985, the K-278 Komsomolets submarine of the USSR Navy set a record.
  • The Project 941 Akula submarine of the Soviet Navy is the largest submarine in the world. Surface displacement is 23,200 tons, underwater - 48,000 tons.
  • From 1953 to 1996, object 825 GTS, located in Balaklava, in Mount Tavros, existed for shelter, maintenance and repair of submarines, as well as for storing ammunition. The total length of the canals is 602 meters; the mountain has an entrance and an exit. At the same time, the facility could accommodate 7 submarines. In 2003, the underground Balaklava Museum Complex was founded there.
  • Today the submarine fleet is rapidly modernizing. It includes modern nuclear submarines with missile and torpedo armament, which are not inferior, and sometimes even superior in characteristics, to their European counterparts.

Thanks to the fixed date, namely March 19, it is not difficult to remember what date the submariners celebrate their professional holiday. In 2022, it falls on Saturday, a day off.



  1. Submariner's Day is always celebrated on March 19. This will be the case in 2022 and in all subsequent years.
  2. Emperor Nicholas II became the first founder of the holiday, issuing a decree in 1906. During the October Revolution, many holidays, including this one, were canceled. The celebration was revived in 1996.
  3. The Submariner's Day has its own traditions - the first persons congratulate the employees, present diplomas, and those who have distinguished themselves are awarded new titles and awarded with valuable gifts.

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