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When the Orthodox will have Radonitsa in 2020
When the Orthodox will have Radonitsa in 2020

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In Orthodoxy, there is a tradition after Easter in Radonitsa to visit the graves of their ancestors in order to share with them the joy of the Resurrection of the Lord. The date of such a parental Saturday depends on the date of Easter. Knowing in 2020 what date is Easter Sunday, you can calculate the day of the main Orthodox commemoration of the ancestors.

History of Orthodox Radonitsa

Radonitsa is the main parental day in the Orthodox calendar, which is celebrated in 2020, as always, on the 9th day after Easter. Knowing what date Easter Sunday falls on the Orthodox calendar for 2020, you can calculate the day of the main parental Saturday of Orthodoxy.

People call Radonitsa the Easter of the dead. Although church ministers do not recommend going to the graves of their parents and close relatives on Easter Sunday, in 2020 many will go to the cemetery to share the joy of Easter Sunday with their deceased parents and grandfathers. After Easter, all believers know exactly what date the Orthodox parents have on their main Saturday.

It differs from other memorial days in that the commemorations are joyful. Many bring consecrated eggs, cakes, sweets to the graves of relatives on this day, wishing to congratulate their deceased ancestors on the bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ.

In 2020, many will also go to the graves of their ancestors after visiting the church, having learned from the church calendar what date is the main parental Saturday.

What date will Radonitsa be

Next year, the Orthodox celebrate Easter on April 19. This means that Radunitsa will be celebrated, as usual, on Fomin's week, April 28, on Tuesday.

The date of this memorial day is tied to the date of Easter, which changes every year. Like Easter, the first day after it is celebrated on different dates.

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Christian canons of Radonitsa

Failing to completely turn the Slavs away from the cult of their ancestors, the Christian Church in Russia has integrated into its calendar cycle of church holidays this memorial day, which has its origins in ancient paganism.

Priests recommend inviting ministers to the graves for celebratory litia. It is from Radonitsa that the first funeral services after Easter begin.

The Church recommends praying on this day for the souls of deceased parents and relatives and does not welcome the consumption of wine at the graves. It is in this that the difference in the origins of the two religious traditions is still felt.

Unlike Christian canons, pagan ones assumed fun, games, dances and the reception of intoxicating drinks at the graves on this spring day. It was an ancient cult associated with the end of winter and the beginning of a new agricultural cycle of ancient farmers.

The Orthodox memorial custom provides for the commencement of funeral services after Easter on the second week from Tuesday, which falls on Radonitsa. It is recommended to defend the all-night vigil in the church the night before and to pray for the souls of deceased parents.

It is recommended to invite a priest to the grave on this day for a memorial service. From the Tuesday of the second week after Easter, it is allowed to visit cemeteries and commemorate deceased relatives.

On the day when Radonitsa will be in 2020 in Russia, many go to the cemetery to visit their relatives. It is necessary to clarify in advance in the church, from what date you can visit the graves of loved ones, and spend memorial days.

After winter, it is customary to put things in order at the graves of loved ones, after which you can arrange a memorial meal. The Church does not object to loved ones bringing Easter eggs and Easter cakes to the cemetery to their deceased relatives.The church canon only opposes the use of alcohol on this day in the cemetery.

Believers are encouraged to:

  • to pray for the souls of deceased relatives;
  • attend the all-night service the day before;
  • observe sobriety.

The church canon does not oppose light commemoration on this day. The only thing that is not accepted is drinking a lot of alcohol in the cemetery and the indecent behavior of the laity.

Traditions and customs of Radonitsa

After visiting the service in the temple and a trip to the cemetery on this day, it is customary to collect a memorial lunch or dinner and invite all relatives and close people to it. You cannot clean the house on Radonitsa or perform any other work.

On this day, you should remember your deceased relatives and pray for their souls. The church does not recommend drinking a lot of alcohol on the most important memorial day of the year.


Those who want to celebrate Radonitsa in 2020 according to Orthodox canons need:

  1. Visit the temple before going to the cemetery and pray during the Great Panikhida.
  2. Agree with the priest to hold a memorial service at the cemetery.
  3. Tidy up the graves of loved ones.
  4. Organize small commemorations at the cemetery.
  5. Give alms at the church on the day of the Great Panikhida.

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