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Top 10 films about love
Top 10 films about love

Video: Top 10 films about love

Video: Top 10 films about love
Video: Top 10 Romance Movies of 2020 2023, September

February 14 is a great occasion to re-watch the most romantic films. All that remains is to stock up on delicious chocolate and your favorite hot drink. Happy viewing!

Gone with the Wind (1939)

A truly gripping story of love, war and pride. Scarlett O'Hara was famous for her beauty and daring character. From an early age, she was in love with a man with whom she was not destined to be. Blindly following her heart and listening to vanity, the wayward beauty almost missed the main love in her life.

Did you know that … on the last day of filming, January 26, 1939, the script had not yet been completed. It was finished in between filming.

"Man and Woman" (1966)

He and She met just when the inner loneliness of both was ready to break out. He is a real man, a courageous race car driver. She is a beautiful, intelligent woman. Their love became a new life for both.

Did you know that … a Ford Mustang is featured throughout the film. This is one of the textbook examples of hidden advertising in films.

Romeo and Juliet (1968)

At one of the balls, Romeo Montague meets Juliet Capulet. Passionate love arises between young people, and they no longer imagine how they can live the next day without each other. But dreams of a happy future are not destined to come true. Their families have been at odds for a long time. Nevertheless, the love of Romeo and Juliet turns out to be stronger than any obstacles.

Did you know that … the role of Romeo was originally offered to British musician Paul McCartney.

"9 ½ weeks" (1986)

Before Elizabeth met John, her life was boring. Day after day, she worked, met with her former lover and listened to the gossip of colleagues. Acquaintance with John wreaked havoc in her familiar world. Their sexual experiments were intermingled with the search for themselves …

Did you know that … the director of the film, Adrian Line, forbade the performers of the main roles to communicate outside the set. Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke could only talk to each other in the form of their characters in the script.

"Pretty Woman" (1990)

The story of the Cinderella of the XX century. Financial tycoon Edward Lewis is tired of endless affairs. Having decided to have fun, he meets the adorable night butterfly Vivienne. After a night spent with a random friend, the millionaire decides to stay with the girl for a while and makes her a lucrative offer. Vivienne changes Edward's idea of life and its true pleasures, and he, in turn, gives her a chance to start all over again.

Did you know that … the scene in which Edward jokingly snaps the necklace case on Vivien's fingers, improvised by Richard Gere. Julia Roberts' laugh is absolutely natural here. The director liked this improvisation so much that it was left in the film.

"Ghost" (1990)

Sam and Molly were in love, cheerful and carefree. Everything changes one evening when Sam is killed by a street robber. However, the young man is in no hurry to go to heaven. He still has a lot to do on earth. And the first of them is to protect Molly from the terrible threat hanging over her. To establish contact with his beloved, Sam resorts to the help of a charlatan medium, who, as it turns out later, can really communicate with the spirits of the dead.

Did you know that … cries of "demons" are recorded cries of children played at slow speed.

"Fall in love with me if you dare" (2003)


Julien and Sophie were a strange but harmonious couple. Since childhood, together they have done things that made the whole school moan, and then the university. Later, the jokers came up with a game "you dare - you dare not." They took each other "weakly". With the passage of time, the game has become life, and life has become a game. And the young people did not notice how they fell in love. Only now to open up to each other would mean to admit defeat.

Did you know that … in the scene where Julien and Sophie are poured into concrete, the actors are actually being poured with applesauce.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)


Joel and Clementine love each other, but their romance cannot be called cloudless. Tired of relationship problems, the girl decides to erase all memories of her lover from her memory. Fortunately, the latest scientific developments allow it. Joel accidentally finds out about this and decides to do the same. But during the session, he realizes how much he loves Clementine. And the deeper into his subconscious the method of Dr. Merzviyak penetrates, the more he hides his feelings.

Did you know that … most of the special effects in the film were created without the use of computer technology.

“P. S. I love you "(2007)


Jerry and Holly were to be envied. It seemed that they met, never to part again. They were like two halves of one whole, and could easily live in perfect harmony for decades. But death separated them too soon. As he left, Jerry promised Holly that he would never leave her. He wrote to his wife 7 letters that were supposed to bring her back to life after his death. And in every message he always said that he loves his spouse and wishes her only happiness.

Did you know that … during one of the scenes, Gerard Butler accidentally hit Hilary Swank with suspenders, after which the actress had to put four stitches on her head.

"Three meters above the sky" (2010)


It is difficult to find more dissimilar people than Babi and Ache. She is a girl from a good family. An example of purity, innocence and modesty. He is a freedom-loving vagabond who lives only by his own laws. But their meeting gives rise to love, tender and all-consuming. This feeling is not afraid of social differences, or the condemnation of society, or their own psychological barriers.

Did you know that … the actors who played the main roles in this film brought their on-screen romance to real life.