And miracles begin
And miracles begin
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And miracles begin … />
<p> Tex … And the antennae! You should definitely go with those little, sexy mustaches. It's nothing that I don't like mustachioed men. I mold you myself, so I know what I'm doing. I am your creator. It's strange why the word

And now (sticking his tongue out from the tension !!!) glaaaaazki…. What color will they be? I've always liked blue-eyed people. Hi … somehow unevenly - one eye slightly squints. Nothing, let's redo it. I have more time than 7 days. I still have a whole month ahead of me, so don't be in a hurry. Let's put you to dry a little and blue eyes firmly adhered to your face.

Lips. Oh, this needs to be worked out very carefully! Only not thin - I can't stand people with thin lips. It seems to me that they are all angry. You're not like that! But also not very thick - dumplings are also not a way out. So, moderately swollen, so that when you smile, they look very appetizing on your face. Well, let's check … Oh, how cute we smile!

Now the nose. The nose in a person is perhaps the most important thing. No, with a Roman profile you started to look like a carnation dealer from our city market for some reason. Button. Oh, fi … Blue eyes and a button-nose made you some kind of Ivanushka-fool. And if this is not very large, straight and slightly pointed at the end? Here, it will be just right. You, dear, lie here on the windowsill, feed yourself with the sun's rays, dry up …

It's time to stick your hair. For which a variety of improvised means can be used. Pooh is not very good, you look like an almost bald grandfather from a neighboring yard. Colored threads are not the same either. Punks and those, will not take you for theirs. Metal shavings - oh, hilarious, you look like Electronics. Here, I came up with it! A bit of wool from my faux fur coat will do just fine. Light blond color with slightly noticeable gray streaks. Intelligent, that's how I lived. When I put you to dry again, I will have to read Kafka by the window - for a complete set.

It's time to mold the torso. He is the body. He is the torso. But the word "torso" is my favorite. Sports. Noooo, doesn't suit intelligent looking hair. Thin. Not good either. You have become like some revolutionary in exile with malaria. But this configuration is of medium height, broad-shouldered and strong. So what if the portrait characteristics are somewhat borrowed from some children's poet? Yes, I shouldn't forget to introduce into you all sorts of bolts, spill-backs and dowels - you should always remain a little bit of a boy.

Hands are strong, but not too big. I don't really need a digging mole either.

Legs are not very long, you are not a ballerina, after all. Oh, they bent a little during the drying process. Well, okay, you can walk. Moreover, slightly crooked legs even give a man a certain charm. Well, everything seems to be. December 31st. I did it!

New year's night. A festive table for one person is served. The chimes strike. The main thing is not to rush and then everything will work out. We take a small piece of paper and write: "I want this doll to come to life!" Now we set fire to a piece of paper, and drown the ashes in a glass of champagne and quickly drink everything. Bam! - 12th time. Have timeaaaaa !!!!

On the morning of January 2, I wake up from an unpleasant, long-playing trill of a phone call.

- Get to work quickly. We have a blockage here, and you are wandering around who knows where!

- Yes, how is it unknown? Who knows? Why, I'm at home … - my monologue is interrupted by short beeps at the other end.

I get dressed, put my apartment keys in my bag and drive to work. Now I will tell him everything I think.How long will he exploit my psyche? So, if I am a lonely, defenseless woman, then I can be pulled out of bed without any twinge of conscience ??? And when I’m late for work, well, for some 40 minutes, you definitely need to shout in the back of my head: "Marina Valerievna! Is this, as usual, the last time?" Wow! I no longer have the strength to endure this tyrant and despot. Don Pedro is on a regional scale! But I will definitely get lucky. "They say on New Year's Eve, whatever they wish, everything will always happen, everything always happens …" Well, I must someday smile at my blue-eyed, gray-eyed, intelligent-looking happiness!

I jerk open the door to the Square Office and … Mothers are dear … Well, where did I look before?

- Anatoly Veniaminovich! - I freeze on the threshold. Have you ever tried to get yourself a mustache? Do you know such a small antennae? …