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We make Christmas tree toys from foamiran with our own hands
We make Christmas tree toys from foamiran with our own hands

Video: We make Christmas tree toys from foamiran with our own hands

Video: We decorate the Christmas tree with toys from foamiran with our own hands 2022, December

From foamiran, you can make the most diverse and original crafts with your own hands. But today we have a master class on making bright Christmas tree decorations.

Foamiran Christmas balls

We offer a master class with a step-by-step photo for novice craftswomen, thanks to which you can learn how to make Christmas tree decorations with your own hands. The balls are very beautiful, shiny and bright.


  • glitter foamiran;
  • paper straw for a cocktail;
  • decorative tape (cord);
  • toothpick;
  • glue, ruler, scissors.

Master Class:

First, let's make a base for the balls. To do this, take a cocktail tube and glue it with a strip cut from glitter foamiran 1 cm wide

The required length of the wrapped tube is 5, 5 cm, so we cut off the excess

We also cut out 2 circles with a diameter of 2.5 cm from foamiran and mark 2 perpendicular diameters on one

We glue the circles to the tube and the base for the Christmas tree ball is ready

Next, we take a sheet of foamiran and on the reverse side, using a ruler and a toothpick, we make markings. The size of 1 square is 1.5 by 1.5 cm

We cut the material into squares. For 1 ball, you will need 58 such parts of different colors. You can take red, silver and white

We glue the squares together in any order that we like best. But we glue each square exactly half

Regardless of the order in which the squares will be glued, the length of one strip should be 8 cm

For the ball, we make 8 such strips, and as a result, 2 squares remain, which we cut into small squares and decorate the stripes in the center with them

Now we take the base for the ball and glue 4 strips to it on the marked marks on the circles. We glue the strips along the edges so that there is free space in the center of the round base

Next, we glue the stripes on the other side, fix them exactly so that the stripes do not move either to the left or to the right

We fix the remaining four between the already glued strips

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The Christmas ball is ready, it remains to make only the fasteners, for this we take a cord or tape, wrap the ends with a thin strip of foamiran and fix it to the toy with glue.

Foamiran Christmas tree decorations

Foamiran is a plastic material and at the same time it perfectly keeps the shape given to it. That is why many craftswomen are very fond of making different crafts from this material. And the proposed master class with a step-by-step photo will show you how to make Christmas decorations in the form of balls, Christmas trees and stars with your own hands.


  • glitter foamiran;
  • chenille wire;
  • decorative cord;
  • glue, scissors.

Master Class:

For the craft, we take a red glitter foamiran, as well as some kind of cap with a diameter of 5, 5-6 cm. We do not circle anything with a pencil, but simply press the cap onto the material

For 1 Christmas ball, cut out 5 circles

Now we take 1 circle, bend it in half, grease one side with glue and glue half of the other circle to it. And in this way we glue the rest of the details

For fastening, we take a decorative cord, tie the ends on a knot. Cut out a circle with a diameter of 2 cm from foamiran, make a hole in the middle with scissors, stretch the knot and fix it with glue

Now we glue the circle with the pendant to the ball itself, and decorate its edges with chenille wire

To make stars, take a template and transfer it to foamiran with a toothpick

For the toy, we cut out 6 parts, which we glue together using the same technique as the ball. Decorate the edges with chenille wire

We glue a decorative string for hanging to the finished toy and decorate it with a small bell, if desired

For the Christmas tree, we will also prepare 6 parts according to the template, glue and decorate with chenille wire. And also with a bow and beads, which we glue to the lace

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Decorations for the Christmas tree turned out to be bright, shiny and light. There is no need to fear that the toy may fall and break.

Christmas tree flashlight from foamiran

You can make a very beautiful flashlight from foamiran with your own hands, which will become a bright decoration for a New Year tree. The proposed master class on making a Christmas tree toy is very simple and suitable even for novice craftswomen, the main thing is to follow the step-by-step photos.


  • glitter foamiran;
  • New Year's decor;
  • templates;
  • glue;
  • stationery folder;
  • white acrylic paint;
  • artificial snow.

Master Class:

On plain paper, we print templates for the future flashlight and, using them from blue foamiran 2 mm thick, we will prepare 4 parts for windows, 4 parts for the roof and 2 parts for the base

We glue the two parts for the base together

Also, for the windows, we use the upper film from the stationery folder, cut it out in shape and glue it to each part of the foamiran window

We glue all 4 windows to the base

And now we glue all the roof details to the windows, as well as to each other. When assembling the roof, we immediately fix the rope for hanging the toy on the Christmas tree

The flashlight is completely ready, now we decorate the roof with any New Year's decor, you can take spruce branches, small cones and winter berries

The flashlight can be covered with snow, and for this we take white acrylic paint and apply it with a brush to such places of the flashlight where snow most often collects when it falls. And also on the glass in the windows we will apply a little artificial snow from a spray can.

Foamiran cone

The next master class with photos and videos will tell you how to make a real bump from foamiran with your own hands. Such a Christmas tree toy turns out to be beautiful, light and will decorate both a live and an artificial Christmas tree.


  • glitter foamiran;
  • foam egg;
  • satin ribbon;
  • leg-split;
  • decor.

Master Class:

We take brown foamiran and on the reverse side we make marks in the form of circles with a diameter of 1.5 cm. For this, you can use a cap of a suitable size

Now we cut out all the circles, and to give them the shape of scales for a cone, turn on the iron. We apply the blanks to the hot iron, not shiny, but with a matte side for a few seconds

Next, glue the foam egg with scales

We start from the base, glue 3 scales with an overlap, then 3 more between them and so we move in a circle, superimposing one scale on another

Then we form a bow from a tape 2.5 cm wide

We take the twine, fold it in half, form a loop, thread the ends of the suspension through it and tighten the bow. We glue it and the loop to the base of the cone

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The Christmas tree toy is almost ready, all that remains is to decorate the middle of the bow. To do this, we use any decor, you can take small spruce branches, as well as silver and red berries.

Christmas flowers from foamiran

Poinsettia is a beautiful flower that is used to decorate the house for New Year and Christmas. And such a symbol of the holidays can be made in the form of a Christmas tree decoration with your own hands from foamiran. We offer a master class with photos and patterns.


  • patterns;
  • glitter foamiran;
  • glue.

Master Class:

Using patterns cut out of plain paper, we make blanks for the future flower from foamiran: the flower itself and 5 petals

The main material can be taken in red, like the flower itself, or golden, as in the proposed master class

Now we slightly twist the petals on the flower details upward

Then we also twist the individual petals, and glue their tips together

After that we glue all the petals to the flower as in the photo

Cut out a small flower from foamiran and glue it to the middle of a large flower, and to add volume, glue small petals on top

It remains only to glue the golden rope for hanging on the back side, and you can decorate the Christmas tree.

Foamiran is an amazing material, because it can be dyed, tinted, twisted, given any shape by gentle heating. From it you can create not only beautiful Christmas tree decorations with your own hands, but also flowers, brooches, dolls and a wide variety of decorative elements.

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