Ida Lolo is ready for motherhood
Ida Lolo is ready for motherhood

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Socialite Ida Lolo recently became a married lady. On the weekend, the girl, who is called the Russian copy of Renee Zellweger, and the artistic director of the Mikhailovsky Theater, Vladimir Kekhman, got married. And now Ida was thinking about the next step.

Mrs. Kehman is ready and wants to become a mother. “I am not deceiving anyone, I am honest: yes, I want children. Although I admit, I avoided this topic for a long time. Until I noticed a curious thing behind me - my attitude towards children has changed a lot. I began to really enjoy them,”Ida told Tatler.

According to the girl, she is amazed at the changes that have happened to her good friend Ksenia Sobchak. You can even say that Sobchak inspired Ida. However, the girl reasonably believes that there is no need to rush in this matter. “But you don’t have to constantly ask me:“When, when?” To the tactless question: "Are you pregnant?" I have been answering for a long time like this: "I do not know anything about this." This is the most correct answer. And honest,”says Mrs Kehman.

Recall that for Ida, the marriage with the artistic director of the Mikhailovsky Theater was the third. Previously, the girl was married to the restaurateur Alexei Kiselev, married to the former president of the Central Partnership film company, Mark Lolo, lived for six years. Kekhman was previously married to Tatyana Litvinova. The millionaire has three children.

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