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Actress Evgeniya Loza: personal life, family
Actress Evgeniya Loza: personal life, family
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Actress Evgeniya Loza, despite the fact that she is still very young, has already managed to win many fans both in Russia and in Ukraine, where she comes from. Her biography is an example of how an actress does not become, but is born. Evgenia's creative and personal life, does she have a husband and children, the latest news (photo) is the topic of our article.

early years

Actress Evgeniya Loza was born in a small town. Her biography begins in the Luhansk region (Ukraine). Although her creative and personal life is more connected with Russia. Eugenia's parents were far from the creative field. Both the father and mother of the actress were engineers.

Like many children, Evgenia dreamed of becoming an actress as a child (see photo of Evgenia Loza as a child). The girl was engaged in gymnastics, however, she did not connect her life with sports.

As a child, she had an original hobby: the girl played such an unusual instrument as wooden spoons.

Evgenia's dream of becoming an actress became more real when the family moved to Moscow, where her father was offered the position. In Moscow, the girl decided to try to fulfill her dream, so she applied simultaneously to two of the largest theater universities: VGIK and Moscow Art Theater.

It is noteworthy that Evgenia Loza entered both of these institutions. However, Konstantin Raikin, with whom she was familiar, recommended the Moscow Art Theater studio to her.

Thus began a new biography of Eugene on the way to a career as an actress. Personal life, husband, children - all this was not Eugenia's main dream. Later, the girl admits that loneliness does not oppress her, and she is not looking for anyone. Therefore, her film career was the most important thing for her.

Carier start

Evgenia Loza began acting almost in her first year. Her first work was participation in the video clip of Vladimir Nazarov. In 2002, she got her first cameo role in a television series: it was the Turetsky March TV series, in which Alexander Domogarov played the main role.

This was followed by other small roles. So, she was involved in the TV series "Kamenskaya 3", where she played the episodic role of a disabled girl. The aspiring actress was noticed, after which they began to offer her larger roles.

Professional career

Eugene got her first leading role in the film "An Angel Came to You". In this motion picture she played the role of a young girl Sasha.

The main step towards a career as a professional herd actress is the role of Princess Mary in the film adaptation of Mikhail Lermontov's A Hero of Our Time. After the role of Princess Mary, real fame came to Eugene. The actress said that her relatives, and even her grandmother, watched this film with interest, and they were very pleased with the role of Eugene, which they proudly told others about.

The young actress coped so well with the role of a romantic young lady that she began to receive numerous offers. In 2007, she starred in the TV series And Snow Falls.

The film "", in which Evgenia also starred, received good fees. She was also remembered for her role as a teacher in the television series "The Trail of the Salamander".

Her most famous work of that period was in the television series Closed School, which gained immense popularity as a youth project. In the series, she played the role of a doctor and military scientist. She has appeared in numerous video clips.

A year later, the film "Moths" was released, dedicated to the tragedy in Chernobyl.

In 2016, Evgenia starred in a romantic series, and for the first time in her career in a detective series, thereby introducing a new role. She is also involved in Ukrainian television: she could be seen in the television series "The Witch".

Actress Evgeniya Loza has a great filmography, which continues to expand. Today she is a famous actress, her personal life, does she have a husband and children, and also her whole biography is of interest to the general public.

Personal life

Evgenia prefers not to talk about her personal life. She tries to hide all the details so that various rumors and gossip do not arise, rarely uploads photos on social networks that could open the veil of secrecy. The actress says that she normally perceives loneliness, often travels herself, although she has many fans and she often receives expensive gifts from them.

According to her, relationships with male actors do not interest her, since she does not want to start close relationships with colleagues.

Due to this secrecy, numerous rumors arose. For example, at one time the media claimed that she was married to a football player and even already had a daughter. In 2009, the actress said that she was going to marry Igor Tomilin, also an actor, but her plans changed. Recently, there have been rumors that she is dating a businessman, but the actress herself does not comment on this.

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