Steven Seagal accused of killing innocent animals
Steven Seagal accused of killing innocent animals

Video: Steven Seagal accused of killing innocent animals

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Actor Steven Segal found himself in a somewhat difficult situation. The Hollywood star is accused of killing innocent animals. Moreover, an incident occurred during the filming of the reality show Lawman, in which the actor plays a police officer.

As part of the Lawman show, which has been broadcast on American TV for several months, Segal takes part in raids with police from Arizona.

In one of the episodes of the program, a police squad, led by police chief of the city of Maricopa Joe Arpio and Stephen Seagal, was supposed to detain a man suspected of illegally organizing cockfighting. The house in which the suspect Jesus Llovera lived was taken by storm without any warning by police and a special forces detachment, which was commanded by the actor himself.

Law enforcement officers threw the house of the alleged offender, who actually owned a small rooster farm, noise grenades and smoke bombs. It was not possible to prove the guilt of the suspect. But now Llovera himself intends to sue the participants in the show, and in the first place against Stephen.

The fact is that after the assault, the man discovered that his dog was dead. He blamed Steven Seagal and local police chief Joe Arpayo for the death of his pet. In addition, Llovera stated that more than 100 roosters were shot during the operation.

The man demands compensation in the amount of $ 25,000 from the actor and the police. The law enforcement officers had a search warrant on Jesus Llovera's home. According to the man's lawyer, the police should have simply knocked on the door.

Joe Arpio and Steven Seagal do not admit their guilt in the death of animals. According to them, the alleged offender has no evidence that his pets were shot by special forces. However, the police also cannot substantiate the legality of the use of noise grenades during the assault on a country house.

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