Indian supermodel hanged herself for unhappy love
Indian supermodel hanged herself for unhappy love

Video: Indian supermodel hanged herself for unhappy love

Video: Indian model commits suicide 2022, December

In the modeling business, a wave of suicides swept. At the end of last week, it became known about the suicide of one of the most famous models in India, Viveka Babaji. According to the preliminary version, the girl committed suicide because of unhappy love.

Former Miss World contestant Viveka Babaji was one of the most famous Indian models in the fashion world. The peak of her popularity came in the 1990s. In addition, she has starred in several Bollywood films.

According to Indian media reports, a 37-year-old girl could have been pushed to suicide by a recent breakup with her boyfriend, because of which she was very worried. In July, the model was scheduled to take part in a fashion show by Indian designer and friend Rohit Verma.

According to Indian media reports, police were called on Friday night by Babaji's neighbors, who were concerned that she would not open the door despite calls. The body of the model was found hanging from a cord attached to a ceiling fan, TV channels say.

At Babaji's apartment in Mumbai on the Continental Towers, police did not find a suicide note, but letters addressed to a young man were found. According to the testimony of Babaji's acquaintances, she met with him for several months.

Authorities have launched an official investigation.

Recall that the week before last 22-year-old fashion model Tom Nikon committed suicide by throwing himself out of the window. The guy, who worked with such well-known companies as Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Hugo Boss, was supposed to parade at the show of the Italian house Versace as part of Milan Men's Fashion Week. According to investigators, a love story forced Nikon to take his own life. As the friends of the deceased said, he recently broke up with his beloved, because of which he suffered a lot.

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