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How beautiful to paint eggs with beets for Easter
How beautiful to paint eggs with beets for Easter

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At home, any housewife can give free rein to her imagination to paint eggs, as required by church traditions on Maundy Thursday. We will tell and show you how you can beautifully paint eggs with beets at home.

Easter traditions

Folk recipes allow you to paint eggs with simple improvised means: in addition to food colors that can be purchased literally at every corner before Easter, eggs are painted with onion peels, carrots, beets, grape juice or blackberries.

Easter is the most important holiday of the year, and not to paint eggs at the right time means to sign your own helplessness. Some housewives buy ready-made food coloring or colored stickers. However, neither one nor the other was at their disposal when this tradition was just emerging.

But at home, in the presence of a subsidiary farm, there were always available tools that could be used to color Easter eggs, make them monochromatic, bright or with an original pattern.

Beet coloring of eggs

Beets on Maundy Thursday can replace several colors at once, although, of course, other improvised means will be needed for a change.

Putting boiled eggs in a bowl of squeezed beetroot juice for a short time creates a beautiful pink hue. The second portion of eggs can be left in the refrigerator until morning - in a bowl with the same juice, they will get a rich burgundy or wine shade.

Much of the wisdom of dyeing eggs in the desired shade depends on which eggs are purchased. For example, brownies will turn out to be darker in color, up to reddish purple or beetroot, and whites will turn red or pink.

Experienced housewives know several recipes, and it is quite simple to use them at home:

  1. An economical way is to boil the vegetable in the skin along with the eggs. The root vegetable is then used in a peeled form to prepare holiday snacks or salads, and the eggs will get a maroon hue.
  2. An intense dark color can be achieved by placing eggs in grated beets - raw or boiled. This method can be used if a darker shade is required, but it can be varied by reducing or increasing the residence time of the shell under the influence of a natural dye.
  3. Sometimes it is used because of the apparent simplicity of the recipe - it seems to housewives that chopping a vegetable is easier than squeezing juice out of it. But if there is equipment in the kitchen to facilitate culinary processes, both juice and chopping a vegetable is not difficult - you just need to turn on the juicer or blender.
  4. An even and rich color of eggs for Easter with beets at home is obtained if you use vinegar. It will take a little - a teaspoon, but the result will exceed any expectations. To obtain a rich, glossy burgundy shade, you need to peel several root crops (or grind in a vegetable cutter). Then add water and vinegar and boil for 10 minutes. At the same time, eggs are boiled, which, when finished, are placed in an already boiled broth.

All the ways how to paint eggs for Easter at home - with broth, and beet juice, and grated beets - will delight you with a pleasant variety of shades. But the simplest option - with the simultaneous boiling of beets and eggs, will also give an excellent result if there is no time or other available means.

Variety can be achieved by creating drawings. To do this, it is enough to wrap the eggs with a ribbon, thread, gauze, under which parsley or cilantro leaves are laid out, hold the lower half in the broth longer than the upper one - in a word, there is only enough imagination for that.

Simple secrets of dyeing eggs with beets

In the photo, the result is more picturesque and brighter, and the first attempts may not be very successful. This is not because an unsuccessful way has been chosen, it is just that there are small wisdom that comes with experience, it is inherited.

The first wisdom is that before starting painting, especially if the cold method is used, you need to process the egg shell by removing the protective fat layer from it. Usually they suggest doing this with alcohol or vodka, but this is not the most budgetary method. But you can use a soda or soap solution.

The second wisdom is that eggs are removed from the coloring solution using a slotted spoon and laid out to dry. This way you can achieve an even color of beets without spots and sloppy marks. After the result is obtained, they will be matte, but a glossy shine is quite simple to achieve - by rubbing them with vegetable oil, as housewives have been doing for thousands of years.

Other recipes for coloring eggs for Easter

The most famous recipes for dyeing eggs with improvised means - onion husks, beet juice or beets, were part of a simple lifestyle, irreplaceable products of the usual food mentality.

  1. Onion skins can be obtained in different shades of orange, golden brown or brownish yellow. Even such a simple method has different methods - those who do not want to spoil the taste of eggs, paint them in a pre-prepared onion broth. Those who want to save time prefer another, less laborious way - they boil the husks from a healthy vegetable along with eggs, and the longer they do it, the more intense the shade they get.
  2. The same two methods are used when coloring the shell with natural coffee. This is a new way to achieve an olive brown hue. There are no special secrets on how to do this at home - eggs are either poured with freshly brewed coffee, and then boiled until tender, or boiled together with ground powder. A beautiful color is obtained from a natural product. Instant coffee also stains, but not as intensely.
  3. There are other recipes - chokeberry juice, blackberry, grape juice, giving various shades of purple and lilac. With a lack of funds and the availability of frozen raw materials, you can use any proposed method, however, a photo with the result of such experiments is unlikely to please fans of bright colors, although these funds can also be used for a change.
  4. There are two ways to paint eggs at home in different shades of yellow - turmeric or leaves from a birch broom are useful for this. In blue-violet, they are dyed with hibiscus tea, in orange - with fresh carrots.

Beet coloring is the easiest method in the right hands: depending on the recipe used, you can get bright or muted shades of reddish-burgundy.

Looking at the picturesque photos, it is difficult to believe that all these colors are made using beets, but this is really real if you know how to use the vegetable.


Egg dyeing with herbal ingredients is a simple and reliable folk method that is successfully used today:

  1. You can use not only beet juice, but also carrots, chokeberry, grapes, coffee, onion husks.
  2. The beetroot method gives variable shades of red-burgundy, pink, if you use the right methods.
  3. The duration of stay in the dye solution allows you to get different shades.
  4. This is an environmentally friendly type of coloring for Easter eggs, which has been passed down from generation to generation, and it may well replace any chemical compounds.

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