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When to salt cabbage in September 2022 - auspicious days
When to salt cabbage in September 2022 - auspicious days

Video: When to salt cabbage in September 2022 - auspicious days

Video: When to salt cabbage in September 2022 - auspicious days
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There are several auspicious days when to salt cabbage in September 2022. An experienced hostess can do everything in one day. It is only important to correctly distribute forces and prepare everything in advance.

When to salt cabbage in September 2022

There will be no cold days with sub-zero temperatures in September. Frost will not hit the heads of cabbage, will not make them sweeter. Therefore, salting can be made temporary in order to please yourself and loved ones with a useful delicacy. Because cabbage harvested in September will not last long.

The process of salting cabbage itself is simple, but important factors need to be taken into account for the best taste.

  • Dutch or Chinese varieties are not suitable for pickling and pickling.
  • You need to choose strong, tight heads of cabbage of late varieties.
  • Be sure to remove the top sheets before cooking.
  • If the cabbage is bitter, it is better not to make preparations from it. The cabbage should be sweet.
  • Salt should be rock salt, without iodine and other additives, medium or coarse grinding.
  • Use a wide-bladed knife for shredding.


Small shredded sheets should be washed well. If necessary, pierce with a fork to escape gases. Spread the salt evenly over the surface of the sheets. For taste, use grated carrots, horseradish root and leaves, currant leaves.

If there is little experience in salting, pickling cabbage, prepare a small portion of two or three forks. The cabbage will be salted for two weeks. The place should be cool, air access to the workpiece is limited.

The sauerkraut must be completely in the brine. Do not allow it to dry out.


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Auspicious days table

The lunar calendar will tell you favorable dates for blanks. You need to choose a suitable day to preserve, pickle, prepare the gifts of the garden and forest. Auspicious days when to salt cabbage in September 2022 are presented in the table.

date Moon phase Type of blanks Advice
September 1 Height Sauerkraut Make as many blanks as possible while the moon is in its growing phase.
September 2 Height Sauerkraut
September 3 Height Sauerkraut, freezing
4 September Height Sauerkraut, freezing
September 5th Height Sauerkraut
6 September Height Sauerkraut
September 7th Height Storage blank

8 September

Height Storage blank
9th of September Height Freezing
10 September Full moon If you make preparations on this day, you need to eat them first.
11 September Descending Sauerkraut, salting, preservation In the waning moon stage, it is successful to make dried blanks.
12-th of September Descending Sauerkraut, salting, preservation
13 september Descending Pickling cabbage, salting, preserving
14 september Descending Sauerkraut
September 15th


16 of September Descending Storage blank
September 17 Descending Storage blank
September 18 Descending Storage blank
September 19 Descending Freezing
September 20 Descending Freezing
September 21st Descending Salting, conservation
September 22nd Descending Salting, conservation
23 September Descending Storage blank
24 september


Storage blank
September 25 Descending Storage blank
September 26 New moon If you make preparations on this day, you need to eat them first.
September 27 Height Storage blank
28 september Height Storage blank
September 29 Height Freezing
September 30th Height Sauerkraut

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The position of the moon in the sky and the passage of the star through the constellations affects the quality of the blanks. Sauerkraut should be stored for a long time. For long-term workpieces, you will need to choose October. September pickles should be consumed first.



Given the state of the Earth's satellite, you can properly prepare your own preservation. Sauerkraut or pickled cabbage will be crispy if harvested for the growing moon.

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