Natalia Vodianova revealed the secrets of beauty
Natalia Vodianova revealed the secrets of beauty

Top model Natalia Vodianova, due to the peculiarities of the profession, is obliged to carefully monitor her appearance. In the arsenal of the star, there are many cosmetics, the star does not neglect and fitness, and also never forgets about a special diet.

Natalia revealed her beauty secrets in a new interview with the NY Times. As Vodianova said, she quite actively uses various cosmetics, she trusts professionals in hair care.

Unlike most celebrities, the Russian model is not into strength training, yoga and fitness. “I am a little worried that doing yoga and Pilates quickly builds up powerful arms and shoulders. Everyone loves it, but I hate it. I like to look feminine. I want to have feminine forms, but not be too thin, I want to be fit, but not with pumped-up arms,”explains the star.

In the end, Vodianova decided to take up dancing and now regularly visits the studio, where she takes private lessons. “I dance jazz and modern dances once a week. This is something incredible, you start to better recognize yourself as a woman,”says the celebrity.

Natalia also said that she practices a blood type diet. According to the star, from a young age she suffered from digestive problems, suffered from an ulcer, complained of stomach. But after trying the blood type diet, I felt an improvement in just two weeks. “I'm lucky because I have the fourth group and I don't need to limit myself too much. I can eat meat, carbohydrates, fish. But there are rules - for example, I can have any red meat except lamb. It's the same with vegetables: there are many things that I cannot, but the rest is allowed. I have been following this diet for 10 years now.”

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