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Will Moscow be quarantined due to coronavirus
Will Moscow be quarantined due to coronavirus

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Video: Moscow enters lockdown as the country is at risk to lead in global COVID infections | DW News 2022, December

The official authorities of the capital, represented by the mayor S.S. Sobyanin, from September 28, announced the introduction of restrictive sanitary measures in connection with the second wave of COVID-19. The population is concerned about the dynamics of the epidemic. A natural question arises: will Moscow be quarantined due to the coronavirus?

Analysis of the epidemiological situation in the capital

Restrictive measures related to COVID-19 are advisory in nature. SanEpidemNadzor has been entrusted with the function of strict control over the observance of quarantine measures with an emphasis on inspections of public places with a mass gathering of people.

Violation of the recommendations can lead not only to fines, but also to the closure of establishments. So, for non-compliance with sanitary standards, the work of certain department stores in Moscow was suspended.

Since September 4, a peak in the number of cases in the capital has been recorded, comparable to July 21 (5,842 people). On September 27, recorded:

  • infected - 283 760;
  • sick in an active form - 34 608;
  • total deaths (for the entire period of the epidemic) - 5,146;
  • recovered - 244 006.

Comparative characteristics of mortality in relation to the number of people who survived indicate that less than 2% of cases end in clinical complications and death. About 86% of patients are fully recovered.

Over the past day, 1,792 people were sick, 830 were hospitalized, which is rapidly approaching the record number of cases on June 8 (2,001 people). Whether such statistics can provoke a lockdown, whether Moscow will be quarantined due to the coronavirus has not yet been reported.

The difference between the first wave of coronavirus and the second

The whole world was not ready for the first wave of coronavirus. The effect of surprise, fear in the face of an unknown and rapidly spreading disease, gave rise to panic. This is one of the reasons for the strict quarantine and border closure.

The second wave differs from the first in a number of factors:

  • the clinical picture of the disease has been mainly studied;
  • a statistical analysis was carried out, including deaths;
  • protocols for the treatment of various forms, stages of the disease were drawn up;
  • risk groups identified;
  • a package of preventive sanitary measures has been developed;
  • the population is gradually developing herd immunity.

The main argument in favor of easing quarantine measures is the creation and registration of a vaccine, which was officially announced on August 12 by the head of the Russian Ministry of Health.

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The lockdown regime introduced by many countries resulted in significant economic losses. In Switzerland, Belarus did not impose strict quarantine, despite this, the statistics on COVID-19 are comparable to countries with the emergency mode of the first wave of coronavirus.

The listed facts indicate that strict quarantine measures will not be introduced. The regime of restrictive measures, which was notified by the mayor of the capital, includes:

  • local restrictions on movement for persons over 65, pregnant women, lactating mothers;
  • if possible, transfer of employees to remote work (from 30 to 50% of the staff);
  • reduction in the number of public events;
  • observance of the mask, disinfection regime in public places;
  • keeping the distance, if possible.

The question of whether Moscow will be quarantined due to the coronavirus remains open. The authorities of the capital are tuned in to the restriction regime. Finally, everything will depend on the dynamics of the development of the epidemic.

According to forecasts, COVID-19 will get sick from 80 to 90% of the world's population. There is a possibility of a negative scenario. The virus is insidious with complications, constantly mutates, and is not fully understood. If the epidemiological threshold is significantly exceeded, there is a chance that a strict quarantine will be introduced, including in Moscow.

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