Trendy office hairstyles that can be done in 5 minutes
Trendy office hairstyles that can be done in 5 minutes

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Autumn is not only time for children to return to school, but also time for adults to return to the office after a series of vacations. Of course, when you return, you want to look beautiful. At the same time, as usual, we do not have a lot of time for ourselves. We offer 8 hairstyles for all the latest trends that can be done in 5 minutes.

1. A bundle of braids. Hairstyle 2 in 1, its very name speaks of how to do it. Braid a braid, preferably not very tight, and wrap it around you, securing it with hairpins.

2. Wrapped tail. Braid a low ponytail, secure with an elastic band. Slightly above the elastic, divide the hair into 2 parts and in this gap stretch the tail, turning it inward. So twist until the tail ends.

3. A triangle of hairpins. Usually, hairpins are hidden in the hair, but this is not at all necessary. Tuck the strands back from your face and secure them creatively like this.

4. Horse tail. A classic that always helps. Cover the elastic with a strand of hair. If there is more than 5 minutes of time, the ponytail can be slightly curled.

5. Lateral braid. Hairstyle for both long and short hair. Simply braid the braid from the side, grabbing the strands, starting from those closest to the face. Then fix it with invisible ones.

6. A bundle of two braids. Braid two braids - a fishtail and a French one. Fold the first into a bun, wrap the second around it.

7. Knot. Take two side strands and simply tie them in a knot. Leave one tip hanging down, and secure the other with invisible ones. It's hard not to cope with such a hairstyle.

8. Volumetric beam… Tie the ponytail almost at the top of your head. Braid it into a braid and wrap it around the elastic. An additional plus - the resulting beam will look voluminous, and therefore effective.

These tools will help you style your hairstyles:

  • Big Sexy Volume Syoss Styling Line
  • Satinique styling line
  • Wellaflex Gloss & Hold Line
  • Line for laying Shine & Hold Styliste Ultime Schwarzkopf
  • Hairspray Londa Professional
  • Lisap Volumizing Spray

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