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Midnight Divination
Midnight Divination
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Midnight Divination

Tatyana believed in legends

Common folk antiquity, And dreams, and card fortune-telling, And the predictions of the moon.

A.S. Pushkin

While Europe, following America, makes a very politically correct decision not to celebrate Church Christmas, in Russia this holiday is gaining momentum with might and main. And although this holiday is truly Christian, for us it is more connected with paganism, namely, with fortune-telling.

Girls at all times wondered on this night about their betrothed. For example, sweeping the floor before the holiday, the girl carefully peered into the garbage. If, among other things, there was grain, a groom was supposed to appear in the house.

A more modern fortune-telling: put the key between the pages of the book, tie it tightly and hang it on a rope from the ceiling by the ring of the key. The girls then take turns saying their name aloud. On whose name the book will turn - she will marry next year.

And at all times it was believed that if at midnight you go to the church doors, when there is no service, and hear sweet wedding singing, then you can get ready for the wedding.

But the easiest way to find out your future is just to go to bed, because dreams on this night are considered prophetic.

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